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Bespoke Acne Treatment

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Bespoke Acne Treatment Packages and Courses

There are multiple causes and types of acne. Subsequently there is no universal approach and each and every one of us needs our own bespoke treatment programme. We firmly believe that the best way to treat acne is through proven combination therapy.

All acne types including, comedones, milia, papules and pustules.


Acne, teen acne, adult acne, acne scarring, spots, blemishes


This all depends on how bad your acne is and what the underlying cause is. Some people will see a dramatic improvement and near totally clear skin whilst others will see a reduction in the number of spots, redness, swelling and have their acne under control. One thing is for certain, we’ll have you feeling more confident and ready to take on the world!


This varies depending on the treatment type, strength and depth. It can range from zero downtime to a period of peeling and dryness. Our expert tribe will advise you of any downtime before your treatment


Essential and our expert tribe will be with you every step of the way. From advice on the best skin care products to how to prevent the acne from getting worse, our consultants will be on hand to help you treat acne.

Our acne conditions guide highlights the multiple causes and types of acne. There is no universal approach to improve acne and each and every one of us needs our own bespoke treatment programme. We firmly believe that the best way to treat and prevent acne scarring is through combination therapy. As such our Young LDN acne treatment consists of any of the following depending on what is best suited for your skin on that particular day:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Extractions
  • Dermaplaning
  • LED light therapy
  • Enzymes
  • Lighter chemical peels


Treatment AreaS

1 hour
Include a mini 15-minute consultation and 45 minute treatment
A minimum of 6
Under 23's receive 15% off
DELUXE: £155.00

ABOUT brazilian 
butt lift

Before and after 1 treatment

Before After
Before After

*We are all unique, results may vary.


Imagine doing 20,000 squats in 30 minutes, with EMSCULPT you can. The electromagnetic energy induces almost 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session, whilst lying on the bed. During your non surgical Brazilian Butt Lift session you will lye comfortably on your stomach on the bed whilst the EMSCULPT paddles get to work on each glute. The paddles have been specifically designed to engage all the muscles in the buttock leaving you with that lifted and more toned look.

When our glute muscles are exposed to supramaximal contractions as they are with EMSCULPT, our muscle tissues have to react and adapt to these extreme conditions. The result of this is our muscles remodel the inner structure of the glute by increasing muscle density and volume and leading to you having better muscle tone and definition in your booty.  

The main advantage of EMSCULPT over any other body sculpting technology out there, is it has been specifically designed to reduce lactic acid build up in the muscle. That’s why there is no downtime. During the treatment not only is the machine creating 20,000 supramaximal contractions on the muscles, but it is also tapping out, through patented technology all of the lactic acid within the muscles.

You can now get that Brazilian Butt Lift in London you’ve always wanted with none of the downtime and risk!



Before and after 1 COURSE OF EMSCULPT

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

*We are all unique, results may vary.

How does Emsculpt work?


Whilst Emsculpting can treat a wide variety of areas one of the most popular treatments is the buttocks because it can give you similar results to a Brazilian butt lift without the risks. Whilst you may live a very healthy lifestyle and do as many squats as you can in the gym, sometimes it can just be difficult to ‘achieve a bigger butt’ without a little help.

With EMSCULPT you can achieve a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift with none of the downtime or associated risks that come with it. Due to Emsculpting not having any downtime, you can do a course of 4 treatments over 14 days. Some of you will see an instant result, however the optimal EMSCULPT results are normally seen 6 weeks after your last treatment. Generally the results of Emsculpting can last up to 18 months as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to do those squats in the gym!

Findout more about Brazilian Butt Lift Treatment here.


As well as achieving a bigger butt, it can be just as hard to get that defined 6 pack no matter how many sit ups you do in the gym. Well, here’s some good news, EMCULPT for the abs is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit ups in 30 minutes. 

EMSCULPT is a non surgical procedure that takes just 30 minutes, meaning even the busiest of us can get the treatment done and get back to our lives in no time! One of the advantages of EMSCULPT is; because there is no downtime you can continue exercising and toning those muscles yourself throughout your course of 4 treatments. 


Having toned arms, especially as we get older can become more and more difficult for both men and women. This is due to the fact that as we age, our metabolic rate decreases and if we aren’t working out every day and maintaining a very healthy lifestyle, excess fat can be stored in your upper arms. 

One of the best treatments for bingo wings or lose arm fat is Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing with the Clatuu Alpha and then a course of EMSCULPT to tone the muscles after. With this combination of treatment you will see up to 30% fat reduction on the arms thanks to the fat freezing and then +16% increase in muscle definition thanks to EMSCULPT London. 

we’re all about results


In order to effectively treat your acne, we must change the current state of your skin, working to rebalance it. Because most acne will not respond to just one treatment, we would advise you to purchase a course of treatments. Each treatment will vary depending on the needs of your skin on that particular day. On your first visit to the Lab one of our tribe members will give you a consultation and subsequently advise you on a course of treatments. If you feel you would like a complimentary in-depth consultation prior to your first treatment please book one here.

Before After
Before After


A course of 6 Bespoke Acne Treatments mainly consisting of peels and LED lights.

*We are all unique, results may vary.

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CLATUU Alpha is our new non-surgical fat removal treatment that is able to treat most areas of the body. Unlike other fat freezing devices, the CLATUU Alpha can treat two areas of the body at the same time, meaning a much quicker treatment time. Using a non-invasive cooling procedure to target and destroy fat cells, this fat reduction treatment leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed, making this a risk free alternative to liposuction.

Fat freezing treatments can be customised to a variety of body shapes using different applicators. Anything from love handles and butterfly wings to knees and double chins can be treated. Freezing the fat cells to the optimum temperature of -9 degrees C, the treatment uses 360 degree cooling technology to ensure every fat cell within the applicator is targeted evenly.


Once treated, your body absorbs the fat cells and expels them through your natural processes never to return (unless you start being super unhealthy!)

Click to see how I work...


You will notice an immediate difference however the true results will be seen within 6-12 weeks.

DOES Fat Freezing HURT?!

Nope.. you may experience some deep tugging and pinching sensations initially within the target area but after around 5 minutes this will become a lot more comfortable. As each applicator takes 60 mins we recommend combining with a facial allowing you to lay back and relax whilst that fat is frozen away!

Spectra Hollywood Peel

Before After



Please note: Dr. Singh is not based in Studio, she works on an appointment only basis. If you wish to book Profhilo, please email and request a time and we will contact Dr. Singh to confirm this time or suggest an alternative.

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Eloise Kuljanic

Incredible treatments and an even better service! Thank you Young LDN for really helping my skin improve!!!!!

Jack Welland

Great experience, would recomend and will come again!

Niamh Tulley

I am really not one to post reviews (in fact this is probably my first) but the service I have received thus far at Young LDN has been incredible. Having had perfect skin my entire life and having a sudden bout of cystic, hormonal acne on my chin I had become increasingly concerned but also desperate for a fix. Over a period of several months I have read hundreds of google reviews about what product will help me no avail. I attended my free consultation with Sara and despite being the last person in the studio that day she gave me her undivided attention and really listened and advised me for almost 40 mins (given her knowledge was free of charge) I was incredibly impressed by this. She gave me some amazing samples to try and I purchased on of the products and I could already see results on the pesky area within a week of using them at home. I completed my first bespoke acne treatment 2 evenings ago, Sara was so warm and personable and really made me feel as though the treatment was tailored to me as she seemed to genuinely remember me as well as the details of my concerns following my consultation 3 weeks before. After my first treatment I can honestly say in two days almost everything I have been struggling with and worried about has disappeared. I have worn no make up out in the evening for the first time In weeks as I am beginning to feel like my old self again. I really feel positive that with the advice and treatment I received (and continued treatment if necessary) that with the help of Sara and Young LDN I can get back to my own self and skin again.

Rita Ellouise

I had a fantastic first ever facial treatment with the lovely Sara. She alleviated my anxiety about my skin sensitivity and talked me through options during the initial consultation so that I was confident to leave my face in her hands - literally. And I believe she chose the absolute perfect treatment for me: the Acne facial - which ended up being a very relaxing experience (aside from the necessary extractions), with the addition of LED light therapy/ treatment that basically felt like being on a warm beach. I will definitely be returning for my second facial. And the products used were all available - if I could afford them all I would probably have got everything.

Medina Azaldin

Roxanne was incredibly knowledgeable about my acne skin, treated it with such care and respect. I hardly leave facials without redness but I did today and Roxanne is a master at gentle extractions.


Bespoke Acne Treatment