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May 10, 2022

Bringing Young LDN to Caesars Palace, Dubai

Bringing Young LDN to Caesars Palace, Dubai

Trying to think of a good excuse to jet off to Dubai? How about visiting your beloved beauty salon? Picture this: sun, sea, and Young LDN. Located at Caesars Palace on Bluewaters Island, you can take our expert tribe with you for the latest beauty treatments on holiday – shell yeah!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve considered taking your beautician in your suitcase just in case you chip a nail, have an acne flare-up, or just crave a massage whilst you’re away. Well, now you can stop trying to find a suitcase big enough and have a sneak peek at some of our must-try beauty treatments available on our Dubai menu.


Champagne on Ice

For the full lavish experience of Dubai, choose Champagne on Ice. No, not your favourite drink order, but one of the most luxurious facial beauty treatments we offer at our beauty salon to rejuvenate tired and congested skin, or for when you’re feeling a little jet-lagged.

It features a foaming enzyme masque system with pharmaceutical grade products for a facial drink that’ll revive dull skin and freshen up your entire complexion – can your usual glass of champagne do that?

After Sun Facial

If you’re spending long, hot days in the sun, you’ll want refreshing facial beauty treatments to finish before you hit up the nightlife – no one wants skin so red it shows up in the dark.

The After Sun Facial calms the skin with a combination of Dermalux LED light therapy and cooling therapy to soothe, hydrate, and stay on the right side of sun-kissed ready for a night on the town.

AquaPure Hydro Lift Facial

Your anti-ageing skincare routine shouldn’t stop just because you’re on holiday, but we get it, keeping your skin youthful can feel like a chore on your days off, so why not book one of our anti-ageing facial beauty treatments that do the hard work for you?

Using the latest technology in beauty from AquaPure, the Hydra-Lift Facial is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment that tightens the skin and stimulates cell turnover, so you can leave your real age in Dubai.

Intraceuticals Oxydermabrasion

After a long-haul flight or exploring the city, your skin will have picked up a whole lotta bacteria, dirt, and pollution along the way. The Intraceuticals Oxydermabrasion facial at our beauty salon uses oxygen infusion to kill acne-causing bacteria, increase blood circulation, neutralise free radicals, and gently resurface the skin for a radiant, nourished complexion that feels fresher than fresh.

Young Signature Facial

Don’t let your kids miss out on the luxe experience and book one of our teenage facial beauty treatments. For ages between 12 and 18, our Young Signature Facial will ease them into a skincare routine they can use throughout their teens and into adulthood to avoid skin concerns when they’re older.

They’ll leave our beauty salon with healthier skin, full of skincare secrets (that they can then share with you), and feeling well-rested – a great way to keep everyone happy when you want some alone time with the hubby.


LED Full Body Treatment

If being on a white sandy beach in Dubai doesn’t excite you as much as it should because of problematic skin on your body, our LED Full Body Treatment will help you to ease your symptoms and get you buzzing for the beach.

It emits blue, red, and near-infrared wavelengths to promote cellular health to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. If you’ve done the exact opposite to hiding from the sun, it’s also one of our go-to beauty treatments for ageing on the body.


Deluxe Manicure

Treat yourself to our Deluxe Manicure for a manicure that goes beyond the nails. It includes cutting, filling, and cuticle work - like any good manicure should. Plus, a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells, a moisturising mask for a healthy glow, an LED treatment to rejuvenate, and a massage with the latest beauty techniques to help with lymphatic drainage. Finally, your nails will be coated in the finest polishes from Gucci or Christian Louboutin.

Classic Gel Manicure

For longer-lasting nails that’ll withstand anything on your holiday agenda, choose the Classic Gel Manicure. Nails will be cut and filled, followed by a cuticle tidy and gel polish for a natural beauty or dramatic look. To finish (and for a touch of luxury), a hand and arm massage.

Japanese Manicure

If you prefer a natural beauty look for your nails that can shine without polish, take a quick trip to Japan with our Japanese Manicure featuring an ancient Japanese buffing technique to deeply nourish the nail beds. Every nail will be cut and filled to the most flattering length and shape for your hands, followed by a calming hand and arm massage.


7-Day Body Transformation

What if we told you there was a way you could lose weight, detoxify your entire body, and reduce the signs of ageing all at our beauty salon? Skip out on the holiday blues and return as a new and improved version of yourself with the 7-Day Body Transformation package including:

x2 Lyashi Dome

x1 Lymphatic Drainage 50-minute massage

Face & Body Rest

For ultimate relaxation before you return to reality, we recommend our Face & Body Rest package that features a combination of facial and body beauty treatments including:

x1 AquaPure Hydra Facial

x1 Massage of choice

x1 Lyashi Dome

x1 After Sun Facial

For more information, please contact us via our website or call us on +442083543970. Sea you at the beach!

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