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HD Brows: Your Perfect Brows Await

Are you always running late because you’re trying to make your eyebrows look more like friends rather than sworn enemies? We feel you. Many of us are still recovering from overplucking our eyebrows when we first picked up a pair of tweezers, while the rest of us are overdrawing our brows with brow stencils. What you need is a HD Brows stylist, the modern-day fairy Godmother that can give you the brows of your dreams. 

What Are HD Brows?

HD Brows, aka High-Definition Brows, is a bespoke eyebrow treatment. It involves tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, and trimming your way to brows that were made for you. Immediately put down your brow stencil, because everyone has unique eyebrows, and a one-shape-fits-all approach is criminal and punishable by bad brows.

HD Brows vs Microblading

HD Brows and microblading are both personalised eyebrow treatments. However, microblading, as the name suggests, uses a small blade to insert semi-permanent pigment into the skin to fill out the brows and draw in new hairs. Microblading is essentially a temporary tattoo, making it harder to accomplish natural results. Whereas HD Brows is a non-invasive eyebrow treatment that mainly focuses on the eyebrow hairs you have, giving a more natural, yet defined look. Because of the different applications, the results of microblading last between 1-2 years and HD Brows last between 4-6 weeks. 

What Does HD Brows Consist Of?

To give you an insight into what the HD Brows process is like, we’ve broken it down step by step, so they aren’t any surprises (except for how on fleek your new HD Brows are).

Consultation and Patch Test 

Together, you and your HD Brow stylist will discuss your end goal and whether it’s suitable for you. There are many different factors that influence the best HD Brows for you including your face shape, skin tone, eyebrow placement, and hair colour – bet you weren’t thinking of all these things when doing your own brows! Whether you’re looking to take back control of your bushy brows or waiting for them to grow back after a DIY disaster, a HD Brow stylist can help you to achieve the look you desire. 

At the end of your consultation, or at least 48 hours before your appointment, you’ll have a HD Brows patch test to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for the HD Brow tint.


Tinting is an optional part of the process, but if you passed the HD Brows patch test (which most patients do), we recommend going all out and having your brows tinted. This involves applying a custom-made HD Brow tint to bring out the fair and fluffy hairs that have been in hiding. The solution is then left on your brows for 5-10 minutes, depending on the colour you want and the colour you currently have. 

Waxing, Threading, Trimming, and Tweezing

Next up in the HD Brows process is shaping, where your HD Brow stylist will map out the agreed brow shape and use several hair removal techniques to achieve it. They’ll begin with waxing followed by threading to smooth out any harsh lines from the waxing. To remove any last hairs, your HD Brow stylist will trim and tweeze until perfection.

HD Brows Makeup and Mini Tutorial

Lastly, your HD Brow stylist will touch up your brows with makeup, filling in any sparse areas and defining the shape. To learn how to recreate the look at home, you’ll get a mini tutorial with all the tips and tricks, so you can finally stop being “the late friend”.

How Long Do HD Brows Take?

The HD Brows process typically takes 40-50 minutes, but the best HD Brows can take up to an hour to accomplish, so make sure you have 60 minutes to spare, just in case. Brows aren’t something you want to rush (you should know all about this), good things take time, after all.

How Long Do HD Brows Last?

The results of the HD Brows usually last between 4-6 weeks. However, this varies depending on how fast your brow hairs grow. Once you’ve topped up your HD Brows a few times, your HD Brow stylist will be able to tell you exactly how often you should be getting them done. 

How Much Are HD Brows?

The price of HD Brows in central London usually starts at £50, with HD Brows Express (without tint) coming in at around £25, which may seem expensive if you’ve been dedicated to DIY brows. But when microblading begins at £500 and you can achieve the same, but more natural, results with HD Brows in central London for £50, it’s basically a bargain.

Are HD Brows Worth It?

If bargain brows didn’t convince you, HD Brows will save you precious minutes in your morning routine and ensure perfect brows every time. They’ll also help your brows to grow into a beautiful shape with the help of your HD Brow stylist. Apparently, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, so HD Brows must be the frames, right?

Should I Get HD Brows?

If you’re looking to enhance your brows without the commitment and pain of microblading, you should get HD Brows instead. Waiting for your brow hairs to grow back after overplucking takes a huge level of patience and self-control not to pluck the hairs as they come through. Plus, they don’t give you much to work with in the meantime. HD Brows can speed up the waiting time and give you brows that you can enjoy now, not later.

If you’re on the opposite end of the scale and have too much brow hair, we also recommend getting HB Brows to discover and maintain the hidden beauty underneath.

HD Brows Aftercare

As part of your HD Brows aftercare, avoid touching the treated area for 24 hours. For 48 hours after treatment, it’s advised to avoid direct sunlight and getting your brows wet.

Book HD Brows with Young LDN to up your brow game today.

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