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Must-Try Facial Treatments to Complement Your Skincare Routine

If you still think of facial treatments as a one-off treat, you’re seriously missing out. While they do come with a mood booster, you shouldn’t save facial treatments for when you’re having a rough week or bad skin day, or a rough week because of bad skin. You should be regularly checking in with your aesthetician like you would a friend, and only then will your skincare routine be complete. It’s time to put your face in the hands of skincare specialists and discover the full potential of your skin.

What Is a Facial?

Facials are beautifying skin treatments that work to improve the health and appearance of the skin. The most effective skincare routines feature facial treatments to maintain the general wellbeing of the skin and/or treat specific skin conditions, as they’re performed by trained professionals to deliver dramatic results that can’t be found in your bathroom cupboard. 

When we think of facial treatments, we typically think of creams, serums, and gels being massaged into the skin, and while they’re the OGs of the facial family, let’s not forget about all the powered handheld devices and light-emitting machines who also deserve a seat at the table. 

Types of Facial Treatments

1. Microneedling Facial

What Is a Microneedle Facial Treatment and What Does It Do?

A microneedling facial induces collagen and elastin production as it uses a powered microneedle facial skin roller or pen with tiny needles to gently puncture the skin. These small pinpricks will jumpstart the healing process which involves creating new collagen and elastin-rich tissue. 

Because of the increase of collagen and elastin in the skin, it’s a popular anti-ageing facial treatment as we naturally produce less of both as we age - whomp, whomp. A microneedling facial can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, plump up and tighten loose skin. Plus, as the anti-ageing facial stimulates blood flow with the incisions created by the microneedle facial skin roller or pen, you’ll get a gorgeous glow that screams youthful.

It’s also known as one of the best facial treatments for congested skin and blackheads, as when the needles enter and exit the skin, they remove dead skin cells, oil, and other debris stuck in the pores, allowing your skin to breathe again.

Does a Microneedling Facial Get Rid of Acne Scars?

The facial treatment can reduce the appearance of acne scars as it speeds up the natural healing process. Over just a few sessions, acne scars will appear smaller, lighter, and smoother.

How Do I Prepare for a Microneedling Facial? 

Microneedling facials need a little prep as they lightly wound the skin, therefore, it’s essential to optimise your skin’s health before undergoing the facial treatment. This includes religiously following a skincare routine (but avoiding harsh and active ingredients), wearing SPF, and staying hydrated. 

2. Oxygen Facial 

What Is an Oxygen Facial and What Does It Do? 

As the name suggests, an oxygen facial involves oxygen, making it one of the best facial treatments for congested skin in need of fresh air. During an oxygen facial, a high concentration of pure oxygen is applied to the face to deeply nourish the skin. It enhances blood flow and draws essential nutrients to the surface of the skin, destroying bacteria and brightening the skin. 

Does an Oxygen Facial Help With Acne?

One of the biggest benefits of an oxygen facial is reducing the appearance of acne as it kills the acne-causing bacteria that thrives off a lack of oxygen. Another culprit of acne is clogged pores, and this acne deep cleansing facial will thoroughly clean and shrink pores to minimise trapped oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. The results? A brighter, clearer complexion.  

How Long Does an Oxygen Facial Last?

An oxygen facial provides sheer bliss for 60 minutes. To absorb the most oxygen possible, it begins with a cleanse and exfoliation. Next, the oxygen is applied followed by yellow LED light therapy to increase oxygen delivery and remove toxins long after the facial treatment. Lastly, our signature cryo balls are massaged into the skin for a cooling sensation to counteract the warmness from the LEDs. Consider your congested skin, decongested after this facial treatment.

3. Chemical Peel Facial

What Is a Chemical Peel Facial and What Does It Do?

A chemical peel is a facial resurfacing treatment that works to remove the outer layer of skin, removing dead and damaged skin cells whilst stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells. A chemical solution is applied to the skin ranging from mild to intense to kickstart facial resurfacing, revealing beautiful, bright skin underneath. 

It’s mostly used to treat skin concerns that add years to the skin including dullness, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of elastin and collagen. As you don’t have to choose one anti-ageing focus for the facial, chemical peels are one of the best facial treatments for ageing skin as they can target all the above concerns at once.

Are Facial Chemical Peels Safe?

The anti-ageing facial is perfectly safe when performed by a trained professional as they’ll advise which strength of the chemical solution is suitable for your skin type. If you’re new to chemical peels, we recommend staying away from DIY chemical peel facial treatments until you’ve had expert guidance on facial resurfacing. 

Can I Get a Facial if I Have Rosacea?

Having rosacea doesn’t mean you have to miss out on facial treatments, it just means you need to choose one that aims to treat rosacea or is suitable for rosacea skin, depending on your goal. 

Microneedling isn’t a treatment for rosacea skin, however, by creating tiny channels into the skin, it can increase product absorption from skincare products that work to treat rosacea. To treat rosacea, we recommend a regular oxygen facial treatment as it helps to calm redness and strengthen capillaries, making them less likely to dilate. 

Go on, treat yourself and contact Young LDN today to book a facial. 

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