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May 10, 2022

Our Favourite Nail Trends from Summer 2021 – From Neons to French Tips

If there’s one thing that we love about summer, it's the hype around manicures. No other time of year calls for more colour, print, and experimentation than summer. Whether you're dressing to impress at a barbecue, on a date with your summer romance or drinking a cold cocktail by the beach, your bright summer nails complete the look.

From bold neons to abstract prints and neon tip nails to sexy nail designs and nail jewellery, there was something for everyone (even those still warming up to the idea of colour on their nails). It’s safe to say we forgot about subtlety this year and decided to go bold with the bright summer nails trend. P.S. Just because summer is slipping away – doesn’t mean these fire designs won’t still be stylish in autumn. 

Multi-coloured French Tips

We’re all familiar with the traditional French manicure - the classy white tips with a natural pink base that returns every year. This year it made its way back into summer nail trends (no surprises here) but with a contemporary twist. Instead of the plain white tips , we switched them out for multi-coloured tips. Sometimes you want more colour on your nails, but this can seem overwhelming if you’ve been dedicated to neutrals for as long as you can remember. Multi-coloured French tips offer a subtle way to introduce some more colour into your life. Plus, if you’re worried about them matching your outfits you can choose 10 different colours, one per fingertip. If you choose a selection of colours that you typically wear, at least one nail will be matching at all times. Opt for darker more moody colours to add a sprinkle of autumn.

Neon Nails 

We dared to go bold with summer neon nails. We’re talking hot pinks, lime greens and bright oranges - the more vibrant, the better. Summer neon nails just screamed hot girl summer with their ability to boost our confidence and turn heads wherever you go. Forget whether they match your outfit or not and make your own rules - whatever you say goes. If you’re new to neon nails, we recommend opting for a shorter, more natural tip so you can be as sassy as you are sophisticated. 

Swirl Nail Art

We’ve loved with this retro summer nail trend. Swirls are completely customisable to fit your personality, and no colour is strictly off-limits, which was pretty much the motto of the 1960s and 1970s. Take a trip back to a time where colours made the world go round every time you look at your fingertips. This nail trend was all about abstract, so choose colours that go together or that don’t - the choice is yours. The only thing that’s non-negotiable is the negative space that makes this look. Go crazy with the colours but only the swirls or it’ll look OTT - and we don’t often think things are OTT.  

Abstract Vibes 

If you liked the idea of abstract but lines, squares or even polka dots are more your thing, this summer nail trend was for you. It’s similar to swirls with the negative space as, without it, this look can get seriously overcrowded and messy, but with it you can choose a selection of different shapes and patterns on each nail. While every nail can have a different print, be sure to use the same colour palette throughout to create a series of mini masterpieces like they’re taken from one big print. 

Cartoon Clouds

Calling all pastel lovers - cartoon clouds is one summer nail trend you won’t be able to get enough of. Pastel colours are typically only worn for spring, but they stuck around for this summer, and it seems as though they’re here to stay. They give off a cutesy, feminine vibe which is perfect for adding a pop of colour into a miserable rainy day. The sky can be painted any pastel colour you want, but the most popular colours are pastel pink, blue, and purple. 

Sweet Cherries

You’ve probably seen the cherry print everywhere during summer fashion, and it’s officially made it to our nails (and it’s about time). They look sweet enough to eat and cute enough to wear into the autumn. The bright red cherry and delicate green stems are sweet but bold, and the negative space around the cherries adds the perfect balance where you can just rock the simplicity of a clear coat. Choose one big cherry or lots of little ones. 

Confetti Nails

The world was slowly returning back to normal, summer arrived, the weather is warm, and there was no better way to celebrate than with confetti nails. This is one of the hottest nail trends this season because it evokes that fun, celebratory vibe that summer is all about. Or maybe you’re a lucky summer baby and rocked these as your birthday nail idea (FYI this is the one). Whatever the occasion, you can choose to cover all of your nails in this confetti trend or highlight your middle three fingers with bright, colourful dots and your thumb and pinky a bright, solid colour that matches one of the dots. It doesn't matter what colours you choose, as long as you're having fun.  

Tiny Butterflies

This Y2K trend made us remember just how good a throwback moment can be, and honestly, could this summer nail trend have been any cuter. To celebrate the beautiful, mystical creatures flying around your backyard, this dainty nail trend that is all about the teensy-weensy butterflies. Choose any colour butterflies you'd like on top of a neutral or clear nail to make it pop. This was another one for those that worship pastel colours, but you could put your own brightly coloured twist on it if you like. You could even add a little glitter for the perfect summer glitter nails if you were feeling it. All we know is that your nails are looking fly with these tiny butterflies.

Negative-space Hearts

Our hearts go out to this nail trend. It was the perfect excuse to be unique and wow your girlfriends or even get your other half to finally notice a new mani (we know the struggle), this one was calling your name. The hearts alternate from finger to finger, with one finger's heart filling in the negative space of the nail next to it. Negative-space hearts can be done in any colour but, for summer, we went big, bold and bright summer nails with a sunny yellow or citrusy orange that’ll really stood out against a tan (because summer isn’t meant for fitting in).

Dainty Florals

To go with the pretty 70s-inspired floral prints we saw all season, a dainty floral manicure was bound to cure all your woes (and match your cute summer outfits). This nail trend looked bomb on short and long nails because you're only placing a flower or two on each nail. The small dainty flowers can be any colour and can be placed anywhere on the nail—even halfway off in the corner if you’re still growing them out. It was all about creating movement and playfulness this summer. Don’t let a chipped nail put you off as there’s nothing a nail file and dainty florals can’t fix.

Daisy French 

A new take on the classic French manicure continued… This time with cartoon-style daisies contrasted against a black French tip to complement those floral dresses you splurged on. But it's not just any black tip. This summer, it was all about the French almond tip that gives a natural, elegant, modern vibe to both natural and acrylic nails. With this fresh, contemporary black French tip, you can layer dainty white and yellow daisies that really pop against the dark background so don’t be afraid of the colour black. We’ll be rocking these nails well into autumn time.

Rainbow Acrylic Nails 

Can't decide on just one colour? We don’t blame you when there’s so many to choose from. But that was the beauty of the rainbow mani trend, just choose a different colour for each nail and have the entire rainbow at your fingertips. The rainbow mani wasn't for the faint-hearted (if you're new to colour but still want to explore the trend, a multi-coloured French tip might be the better route for you), with each nail repping a bright and bold shade. You can choose a gradient of summer hues, stick to the traditional rainbow shades, or mix and match your favourite colours to create a one-of-a-kind combination.

Mismatched Hands

Who says that both hands have to match? Not us. Mismatched nails were a new summer nail trend that we haven’t seen before, so if you’re feeling adventurous it’ll be hard to beat. This summer, you didn't have to limit yourself to just one colour or style of nails. And why would you choose to when you can have it all? This nail trend is called "mismatched hands," and it's pretty obvious why. Choose one bold colour on your right hand, then choose a different one on your left. Adding cute designs like hearts, flowers, or swirls is optional. But sticking to just straight solid colours works too. The colour combinations are endless with this one, but playing it safe and going with what you know works won’t hurt. We love a little blue with green to remind us of a clear blue summer sky contrasting against rich green trees or a summer pink nail design for a girly touch.

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