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The Best Facials to Treat Yourself to if You Have Menopause, ASAP

Let’s be real, most of us don’t make the symptoms of menopause look as glamorous as Samantha Jones from Sex and The City does, but our guess is that it’s because she goes for regular anti-ageing, skin tightening facial treatments. 

Having beautiful skin doesn’t have to stop as soon as menopause starts (and Samantha is proof). Facial treatments can help slow down the signs of ageing that come with menopause, as well as ease some of the side effects – get ready to be the main character of your own life. 

What Is a Facial Treatment?

If we’re cutting straight to the point, a facial treatment works to beautify the skin and is fully customisable to you and your skin’s needs. Because of this, what a facial treatment includes isn’t so straightforward. 

A facial treatment can mean something entirely different to you and your skincare-obsessed bestie because what’s included in your facial treatment will depend on individual skin concerns. If she’s a city girl who loves to party, she won’t be a stranger to Pollution Buster and Hair Of The Dog facial treatments featuring pure oxygen, LED light therapy, cryoball and more. Whereas this might sound like another language (that you’ll want to become fluent in) to you if you’re loyal to a classic facial treatment with creams, oils, and serums.

But one thing is for sure, no matter what your reason for getting a facial treatment is, you’re guaranteed a glow as the movement and pressure on the skin will increase blood circulation in your face.

What Is the Best Facial Treatment?

Ah, this is where it gets a little more complicated. There isn’t really a facial treatment that’s better than every other facial treatment because they all have different end goals. It’d be like comparing the results of an exfoliation scrub to eye cream, they’re both unique in their own way. If you want to discover the best facial treatment for your skin concerns, our expert tribe at Young LDN can hook you up.

However, hold tight if you’re looking for the best anti-ageing facial treatment for those with menopause.

What Is the Best Facial Treatment for Anti-ageing?

As promised, the best facial treatments for anti-ageing on menopause coming up…

1. Restoring Menopause Facial – 60 minutes 

Menopause can take a huge toll on our skin, leaving it in major need of a Restoring Menopause Facial. Think you can’t get your skin back to what it was before you had menopause? Think again.

It features cleansers and a gel-based lactic peel to hydrate, boost radiance, and lightly exfoliate the skin. NIR LED will then kickstart collagen production followed by a treatment mask for added moisture and freshness. Finally, a cryoball and gua sha massage to tighten and lift the skin. 

Whether you’re showing early menopause symptoms or officially diagnosed, this light facial resurfacing treatment can help to restore your skin pre-menopause. Warning: you may look 10 years younger when you leave!

3. Tightening Menopause Facial – 75 minutes 

This skin tightening, anti-ageing facial treatment is perfect for skin showing signs of ageing and in need of a pick-me-up, literally. Whether we have early menopause, menopause, or no menopause at all, none of us wants loose skin.

If you’re loyal to Circadia, our Tightening Menopause Facial features their popular Firming Peptide Mask combined with microcurrent and NIR LED for a facelift without actually having a facelift. Downtime? Never heard of her.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an Anti-ageing Facial with Menopause?

1. Combat Decreased Oestrogen Levels

There are many symptoms and side effects of menopause that women may experience, and some that are a lot less obvious and talked about than hot flushes, one of them being decreased oestrogen levels. 

Less oestrogen in the body during menopause has a knock-on effect on the production of collagen and elastin, which also begins to slow down as a result *big sigh*. Menopause speeds up the natural ageing process of the skin, however, regular skin tightening facials can help to combat the signs of ageing. 

2. Boosted Mood

Another symptom of menopause is frequent mood changes, and with better skin comes a better mood. Facts. Anti-ageing facial treatments can help to boost your mood as you begin to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Anti-ageing facial treatments can also contribute to reducing stress and anxiety as you indulge in self-care. Many scientific studies have shown a dramatic increase in the wellbeing of individuals who take time for themselves. So, according to science, you need regular facial treatments. 

3. Improved Sleep

If you have menopause, the chances are you also have difficulty sleeping, especially when the night sweats kick in. Plus, a lack of beauty sleep won’t give your skin cells enough time to repair and rejuvenate themselves, meaning a tired-looking complexion. And we probably don’t need to mention how grumpy some of us are on no sleep, so it’s a pretty important symptom of menopause to try an ease. 

Spending an hour (or 75 minutes depending on the anti-ageing facial treatment you choose) in ultimate bliss will encourage you to relax and become familiar with the state of relaxation, so it’s easier for you to recreate before bed.

Where to Get a Facial Treatment Near Me?

Young LDN can be found in London, Notting Hill, where you’ll discover a safe haven to escape from the world we know, one facial treatment at a time. 

How Much Should I Pay for a Facial Treatment?

There’s no right or wrong price to pay for a facial treatment, but our Restoring Menopause Facial costing £150 and our Tightening Menopause Facial costing £170 is all kinds of right!

Book your anti-ageing facial treatment with Young LDN today to relive your youth, Samantha style.

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