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Skin Conditions
May 10, 2022


This week is mental health awareness week. In 2018, E45 commissioned a study which revealed that 10 million people in the UK have suffered from a skin condition which has affected their mental health. Anxiety, depression, OCD and eating disorders are some of the most common diseases affecting young people and adults today. They are commonly spoken about in the press and on social media, yet the links between these conditions and other environmental factors, such as suffering from acne, are often overlooked.

The rise and importance of psychodermatology is one of the primary reasons why Young LDN was born. Having studied psychology at Oxford University and a mum whose own son who has gone through his own acne journey, the emotional effects of battling with a skin condition are all too obvious to me.

Social media, especially Instagram doesn't alleviate any of these issues. There is a never-increasing pressure to appear 'perfect', to the point where Gen Zs have two accounts, one for the public and one for their close friends. Misdiagnosis and medication from doctors don’t help either. Accutane (a common acne prevention drug) has actually been proven to change mood and behaviour, cause aggression and enhance suicidal thought. The ideal for preventing the mental health crisis in the UK.

We know from our experiences with our clients that treating the surface issues of acne and other skin conditions is not enough. Even after the condition has been cured, the psychological effects of going through it can stay. Aestheticians duty of care needs to be for the whole person, the physical and mental.

Young LDN has been created to do just that and the space has been designed with this in mind. There is an open plan area upstairs with a facial bar and manicure and pedicure stations and then a private, consultation space downstairs with individual rooms and a separate staircase our clients can use if they don’t want anyone but one of our Tribe to see their skin. Our Tribe have an in-depth skin consultation with each client at the start of their treatment. They not only deeply examine their skin but also get to know the person. They develop a trust with each client which continues throughout their treatment. They have been trained to not only cure the skin but give confidence back. I am proud of the amount of people we have really made a life changing difference to over the past 2 years, our aestheticians are all highly skilled with treating acne and develop a deep relationship with everyone they treat.

"I’m overwhelmed with the results so far. Young LDN has given me confidence in myself and I couldn’t have asked for better people to work on my skin. Thank you so much." - Eloise, Bespoke Acne Treatment client

If you or someone you know is suffering with acne or any other skin condition that is affecting yours or their mental health, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We offer complimentary skin consultations where we can discuss your concerns and create the right skin journey for you.

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