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May 10, 2022

Valentine Nails

Valentine Nails

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful, loving day packed with everlasting traditions such as red roses, various alcoholic beverages, chocolate candy, luxurious dinner plans, to perfectly manicured Valentine’s Day nails with cute heart designs. If heart nails aren’t your thing though, that is more than okay. There are plenty of beautiful Valentine’s nail art designs to choose from.

That is why we have gone forth and found a great way to participate in the Valentine’s Day activities while still keeping true to ourselves. That means finding a beautiful, polished outfit for your chosen festivities and an equally beautiful manicure to match it. We’re talking beautiful hues of red, glossy baby pink, or variations of purple.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest Valentine’s Day nails ideas to keep you looking amazing this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for simple red nail designs or something bigger, we have you covered.

Red Pink Nails: Festive French

A festive French Valentine’s nail art design is perfect for pairing with sweet treats and delights all day long. It is the perfect choice for when you love two colours equally. The process for this begins by applying two base coats, alternating shades for one or a few accent nails.

Once they have dried, you use a specific detail brush in order to apply the thin, red tips to the top of the nail. Make sure you stay very close to the edge and follow the natural nail shape. This is a great and simple red nail art design. Red and pink nails are ideal for this look.

Pop of Pink

If obnoxious flaming hearts and distinct charms aren’t your style, take a look at this pink nail art idea. Pink Valentine’s Day nails are so hot right now and may be just the manicure you’re after. Add a colour such as ‘Pillow Talk’ from Young London to your nails and then add a red coat over it leaving only a millimeter or two of pink nail polish.

This pink and red nail design is everything you need this Valentine’s Day.

Hot Pink Nails

Add some flirty hot pink nails to your to-do list this Valentine’s Day! Add a pop of neon pink on the tips, all over, or as a simple heart on each nail. It is the perfect way to achieve a simple heart nail design.

Pink nails with hearts are the most popular design we see each Valentine’s Day. If you are curious about manicures  offered by us, click here!

Ombre valentine Nails - Young LDN

Red and Blue Scattered Hearts

Create the most unique, detailed look with these lovely pink and blue nails, scattered with hearts. These are great if you’re looking for heart nail designs for short nails.

Sparkly Red Valentine’s Day Nails

Add some stunning glitter jelly red pink nails to your potential nail list this Valentine’s Day. They are great for low-maintenance nail-art lovers. It really doesn’t get any more fuss-free than this stunning simple red nail design.

Sparkle in your heart and on your nails with this popular and distinct nail art design. It adds a vibrant touch to any outfit with its multidimensional look. Consider using a highly pigmented and deep colour such as the shade ‘Wine O’ Clock’ from Young London.

Then add some sparkles on top to complete the look.

Heart Tip Nails

Heart tips nails will always be a winner in our eyes. This cute nail look is very similar to a French tip. However, it is done with a perfected Valentine’s Day twist.

Instead of a traditional white strip, you add a stunning bowed heart at the end. Simple, yet elegant. It is truly expected to be a fan favourite for years to come!

There really are so many cute, clever, and elegant nail-art ideas out there. Some are quite easy to DIY while others are better off being screen shotted and sent to your chosen nail professional. We have put together some of the absolute best Valentine’s Day nail design ideas out there to inspire you to wear your heart on your nails this loving season.

Check out some of the deluxe nail treatments from Young London today to get started!

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