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May 10, 2022

Why you should hit up Young LDN after lockdown

Last year turned our whole world upside down, left was right, up was down, but one thing remained the same: we must take better care of ourselves. Whilst this does mean physical health it also means self-care - whatever that means to you. Doing something we loved daily during lockdown was the difference between a good day and a bad day. For some, this was going on a jog, but for others, it was a sheet mask and counting down the days until it didn’t have to come from a store-bought packet.

Visiting a skincare clinic or beauty studio has and will always be the place to indulge in self-care for beauty enthusiasts. They provide an atmosphere like no other. There’s something beautiful about being surrounded by people wanting to be the best versions of themselves. Without knowing anyone, unless you’re a regular of course, you already have something in common. You never feel alone. There’s friendly faces, chatter, and laughter - something we’ve sorely missed in our lives.

It’s time to hang up your makeshift tools and get ready for the ultimate pick-me-up pamper session at Young LDN.

Talk it out with your Aesthetician

Spending time with an aesthetician can be a form of therapy, but arguably better as you can look as good as you feel afterwards. They see everything from your bare face to your chipped nails and like a real therapist, they won’t judge you for it. They create a space so safe that you can show all of your flaws with no such thing as shame. They’re way more interested in getting to know you as a person rather than why you’ve neglected your nail beds.

Aestheticians and Beauticians take us to a whole new level of relaxation where we feel comfortable enough to confide in them. It’s even easier when most beauty treatments don’t involve direct eye contact. With regular, intimate one-to-one interaction, it’s only natural that a connection begins to blossom. There’s also something comforting about them being outside of your inner circle of friends and family, so no topic is off-limits. After spending most of the year in lockdown, there’s plenty for the two of you to talk about.

But we also understand that going back into the real world may be overwhelming, so we won’t take it personally if you don’t want to chat. Just lie back, relax and let us give you your skins glow back!

A holistic approach to beauty

While beauty or skincare treatments are the first thing many people turn to when looking to feel good, at Young LDN we take a holistic approach. Beauty is skin deep so in order to reach its full potential, you must nurture yourself from the inside out. You glow different when you’re happy. It’s not a shimmer that can be wiped from your face when removing your makeup, but a glow you radiate from within. There’s a reason happy people are always described as a ray of sunshine.

On average it takes 21 days to form a habit. And when we’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been in lockdown, it’s no wonder we’ve picked up some bad habits along the way. Highly renowned Nutritional Therapist Eve Kalinik can be found at Young LDN to help you break them and put you back on track.

With only an hour of exercise a day and several trips to the fridge out of boredom, eating badly became one of the worst habits to come from lockdown. Diet and nutrition are so important when it comes to our health. What’s happening on the inside is directly reflected on the outside, particularly in our skin as it’s made up of living cells. We tend to forget it’s actually an organ and the largest one of the body. Without it, none of our other organs would be able to stay in place and do their thing.

Eve will discuss your diet, lifestyle habits and emotional factors to understand and advise on how you can improve your wellbeing from the comfort of our studio.

You’ll be in major need of some TLC

Your complete skin and beauty routine has been on pause for too long and we’re ready to press fast forward on results. Most of us don’t look like we did when the pandemic first hit (if you do you must tell us your secrets. Immediately). With months that felt like years spent in the house, we began to neglect the way we look.

Zoom calls started with a full face of makeup on top of freshly cleansed skin which slowly switched to the effortless look, which was really just getting out of bed 5 minutes before they began. We struggled to keep up with our everyday routine let alone our beauty rituals.

But we never skimped on special occasions, whether it was a birthday or date night, looking perfected in pixels was no hard task. Now with people soon to be 1 metre away (safety first) in real life, covering imperfections won’t be so easy.

Lymphatic drainage cryo therapy at the Young LDN Facial Bar

Young LDN offers quick fixes in as little as 20 minutes at our facial bar. Whether you want to get a hit of hydration, banish mascne or get your glow on, visit our facial bar to erase the past for skin that’s as bright as the future.

If you have more time, then why not opt for an AquaPure Hydro Facial, or get your old nails back with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure, or indeed tame those brows with some HD Brows. We’re always on the sidelines making sure you look on fleek.

Professional treatment results guaranteed

Cut off from the outside world and our trusted beauticians and aestheticians, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Literally. Out of sight out of mind didn’t work when we had nothing else to do but watch our brows grow out one hair at a time.

Whilst some of us become confident enough to carry out DIY beauty treatments to get by, most of us are still trying to hide the mistakes we made. It seemed like a good idea, we get it, you could afford to risk it. If it didn’t go to plan, we had nothing but time to wait for them to naturally sort themselves out. Not to mention the compulsory masks we had to wear that hid the majority of our faces in the meantime. But when we’re closer to normality than we’ve ever been before, time is no longer on our side.

Whether you’re comfortable being left to your own resources or scarred for life, nothing beats guaranteed professional results every time. At Young LDN we take pride in offering bespoke skin and body treatments to suit every need, so you leave with a new look you love so much that it’ll be a pleasure to maintain.

You never really know the long-term effects of DIY beauty treatments

The internet can be a strange place. Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping the rise of skinfluencers. While they’re undoubtedly a blessing with helpful hacks that have kept us looking like ourselves (mostly) through the worst time of our lives, not everything they suggest should be performed outside of a clinic. But without being a professional, it’s hard to know which ones these are. Especially when you see envious results.

Causing irreversible damage isn’t a trend you want to jump on, but here’s where it gets tricky. Your skin can look perfectly intact on the surface, flawless even, but you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Not all treatments at home are dangerous of course, we’re all guilty of doing them ourselves at one point or another. But if you find yourself questioning ‘should I really be doing this?’, the answer is probably not. We’re looking at you lash tints and lifts.

We all know the smell of hair dye, whether we do it ourselves or help out a friend to reach the places they can’t. It’s strong. The instructions warn us not to get the solution in the eyes which seems near to impossible when we’re aiming for the hair. But when the target is as small as an eyelash, it becomes pretty possible. Especially if you’re doing it on your own and have to have one eye shut to do it. It’s basically a disaster waiting to happen.

Choose dangerously beautiful lashes without the danger with our LVL Lash Lift, a combination of tinting and lifting safely for looks that could kill. Our professionals will keep both eyes open so you can close yours at ease and open them to the lashes you’ve always desired.

There are some treatments you just can’t do at home

If you had injectables as part of your beauty regime, you’ll be needing a top-up. With their semi-permanent nature, it’s likely that their effects have now worn off. Whilst some of us only opt for a subtle boost, others choose a dramatic look. If you’re not a dedicated user of injectables you may not have noticed a change in your appearance as your body naturally dissolved them. But if you are, chances are you’ll be the first through our doors - no convincing necessary.

But the fun doesn’t stop at injectables. Young LDN offers a range of treatments that only our talented tribe of expert senior aestheticians can perform such as our signature bespoke acne treatment, chemical peels, AquaPure Hydro Facial and fat freezing.

But don’t just take our word for it, come in and find out…

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