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The Low Down on Acne Breakouts

From papules to pustules, comedones to cysts, find out what’s really happening below your skin’s surface and how to effectively treat your acne. Whether it's teenage acne, adult acne, hormonal acne or any other form of acne, we have a wide variety of acne treatments and the best of the best expertise to help you get your skin under control.


Due to fluctuating hormone levels that come hand in hand with puberty, acne affects most people aged between 12 and 25. Nonetheless, it has become far more common in adults, in recent years.

Put simply, acne starts with trapped sebum or a clogged pore. This results in a build-up of Propionibacterium or P acnes; the bacteria which love to chomp on all our dead skin cells and oil, which in turn irritates the skin and causes spots.

There are many factors that can cause acne, including hormones and genetics. Even diet and pollution can play a part in making acne worse.

Types of


In the same way that not all skins are the same, not all acne is the same and it’s possible for one person to have multiple types. Treating it right, will depend on your type:


Pop worthy black and whiteheads. These are blocked spots with or without an opening.


Pearly white and non-inflamed. A pocket of congestion under the skin. These guys must be removed professionally, using a small needle. Don’t try this at home!


Red sore spots of all sizes. No pus and visible on the surface of the skin, these guys are not yet ready to extract.


Clearly visible on the surface of the skin, these pus filled red spots come in different sizes, which are ready to burst and can be extracted professionally.

Cystic Acne

DO NOT TOUCH!! Painful bumps lying deep under the skin, which need to be treated. If not treated properly these can easily case scars.

Now for the answers...

How to Treat it?

Treating acne effectively will depend greatly on the type and the cause. We’re all different, so no one treatment will work for everybody. To get the right results for you, it’s important to get an individual assessment and a bespoke treatment plan.

We have a wide variety of acne treatments that can really have a significant impact. Find out more below and pop into our London home to see one of our tribe members who can advise you on the best treatment plan and skin journey bespoke to you.

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