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The Low down on pigmentation

The cells which are responsible for the colour of your skin can overproduce or under produce skin pigment. This can lead to visible uneven skin colouring, which can be either darker or lighter than your normal complexion.


Causes vary depending on the type of pigmentation. However, all types of pigmentation can get worse from too much sun exposure. Hormones can also play a part, so some will see a change in their skin pigmentation during puberty and, pregnancy, and as a result of birth control, and even stress!

Types of


Melasma / Chloasma faciei

Darker areas of pigment on the skin, usually found on the face, neck, arms and upper body. This can be caused by your thyroid, hormones, pregnancy or too much sun.

Sun Damage

Freckles and darker spots of varying sizes that may merge together if not treated.

Age Spots

Brown spots found in areas frequently exposed to the sun. They may be lighter (hypo) or darker (hyper) pigmentation.

Now for the answers...

how to treat it?

Pigmentation can be suppressed or lifted out, depending on the type. Treatments include pigment suppressing products, chemical peels and laser therapy.

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