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The Low down on Rosacea

Inflamed and hot, rosacea appears in a diamond shape across the face. It’s a red hot rash or flushing which appears most commonly on the central part of the face.


The causes of the skin condition are still somewhat unknown and can be triggered by a variety of things. However, we do know that the Demodex mite is a primary cause. These often harmless mites live on all of us, but, people with rosacea tend to have much more.

Triggers may also be hereditary or environmental. For some of you, hot and spicy foods, extreme temperatures, sunlight and the wrong cosmetic products can all play a part. Alcohol can also be seen as a large trigger.

Types of


Rosacea can differ significantly from person to person but generally is divided into the three most common subtypes, based on the severity and type of symptoms.


This is the most common form and appears as facial redness


Also known as Acne Rosacea, this appears as bumps and pus-filled pimples

Acne Nose

Also known as Phymatous and rosacea rhinophyma, this is where the nose becomes enlarged and red

Now for the answers...

How to treat it?

There is no cure, but treatments and products applied to the skin can control the signs and symptoms of rosacea. Treatments that can help include a combination of LED Therapy, chemical exfoliation, laser and often a change in skincare products! Check out our recommended treatments below.

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