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Veins & Capillaries

The Low down on Veins & capillaries

There are a number of different conditions relating to veins and capillaries, which come in many shapes and sizes and appear on various parts of the body.


Depending on the type of condition the causes can vary. Often leg veins can be caused through pressure buildup, either as a result of pregnancy, weight gain or even frequent flying. So don’t be too jealous of your jet setting friends! Vascular conditions can also be hereditary or caused by the sun.

Types of

vein condition

Broken Capillaries

These are tiny broken red veins that can appear anywhere on the body


Spider web like veins appearing most commonly across the cheeks. A dense network of vessels and threadlike veins often appearing in clusters. These are called spider veins for their web like appearance.

Cherry angioma spots

These are small red moles, more commonly found on the arms, legs and trunk of the body. Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots.

Leg Veins

Superficial leg veins that are small and red just like a pin head.

Now for the answers...

How to Treat it?

All these conditions can be treated using laser therapy.

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