6 Best Facial Treatments to Gift This Christmas

Are we really talking about Christmas gifts with pumpkin-spiced lattes in our hands? You bet. It’s never too early to talk about Christmas gifts, especially if you went for a last-minute skincare gift set last year, and the year before that (and the year before that).

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Facial treatments make the perfect alternative gift for skincare lovers with overflowing bathroom cabinets as they beautify the skin whilst you get pampered and won’t take up space you don’t have – what’s not to love? We’ve rounded up 6 facial treatment gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list. Tis’ the season for facials! 




 There are two things your city gal pals are guaranteed to have: a coffee addiction and congested skin. Being in the city every day exposes their skin to more pollution, dust, and dirt than the average person, which can gather and build up in their pores over time. Blocked pores lead to blemishes, blackheads, uneven skin texture, and an overall greyish appearance. 

 Our Bespoke Deep Cleanse facial treatment is one of our most popular skincare Christmas gifts as it deeply cleanses the skin with a personal choice of techniques including LED therapy, enzymes, and light chemical peels. The result? Clearer, brighter skin that’s craved more than coffee. 


2 – iS CLINICAL FIRE & ICE | £175.00

PERFECT FOR: The One Filled with Wanderlust 

 Travelling might be good for the soul, but it can sure take its toll on the skin. With lower humidity in the plane cabin stripping the skin of its moisture, to more time spent in the sun accelerating the production of free radicals, iS Clinical Fire & Ice is exactly what they need when they return. 

 This facial gift treatment idea features a combo of two treatment masks: Intensive Resurfacing Masque and Rejuvenating Masque. The Intensive Resurfacing Masque is formulated with sugar cane extract, and vitamins A and B3 to remove dead and damaged skin cells whilst strengthening the skin’s barrier. Followed by the Rejuvenating Masque featuring antioxidants to neutralise free radicals, hyaluronic acid for moisture, and aloe vera, green tea, grape seed, and rosemary extract to nourish the skin. 



3 – CBD FACIAL | £150.00

PERFECT FOR: The One Obsessed with Anything CBD Related

 A gift for CBD and skincare lovers? Check! Fuel their CBD obsession with our CBD-infused facial treatment naturally rich in vitamins A, D, and E, and essential fatty acids to boost skin health and texture. CBD oil also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce the signs of ageing and ease any discomfort from irritation and breakouts. Featuring less than 0.3% THC, they’ll reach the ultimate state of relaxation (without getting high). 




PERFECT FOR: The Glamorous One 

 For the VIPs in your life that always have exclusive events on the calendar, treat them to a Spectra Carbon Peel, an A-lister special pre-premiere. The quick-fix facial treatment gift involves applying natural carbon cream to the skin, which is then dissolved with lasers to draw out all impurities for an instant revitalised complexion with some serious glow ready to walk the red carpet. RSVP yes to oh-so-beautiful skin (and can we be your plus one?). 



5 – MY FIRST FACIAL | £65.00

 PERFECT FOR: The Skincare-Stealing Sibling 

 Ever caught your sibling smothering their face in your favourite serum? Not only are you down a few pumps, but they’ve also completely gone to waste as they have no idea how to apply it or in which order to apply it. *Says it’s cool NBD for the 14th time, when in fact, it’s a very big deal*. Aimed at 12-18-year-olds, My First Facial will teach them everything they need to know to take proper care of their skin from techniques to recommendations to avoid problematic skin in adulthood. And the best older sibling award goes to…




PERFECT FOR: The One Who Wants a Fresh Start

 Know someone who’s just entering the world of skincare with, like, a million skin woes? Gift our Signature Chemical Peel facial treatment to someone who needs to do some damage control from neglecting a serious skincare routine, no matter how ~life-changing~ you said it’d be. 

 It uses naturally occurring chemicals to encourage skin cell renewal, the gradual process of shedding old, damaged skin cells and replacing them with new, healthy skin cells refreshing the entire complexion. This will brighten and tighten the skin, reducing acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. 


And when they do finally commit to a solid skincare routine (defo after seeing the results), chemical peels also increase product absorption by removing any obstacles such as dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells with its deep exfoliation.


For more facial treatment gift ideas, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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