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Eve Kalinik

Eve Kalinik

Nutritional Therapist

“My passion for nutrition comes from a true love and appreciation of food…I’m a massive foodie after all and want to help bring joy back to each and every one of my clients plates”

Eve Kalinik, Nutritional Therapist and author of best selling book BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT, believes that maintaining good gut health is at the core of our wellbeing from the inside out. Eve is passionate about skin health and works with many clients that suffer from conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and premature ageing and sees diet and gut health having a fundamental role to play in supporting symptoms and addressing underlying causes. She also acknowledges and helps her clients to deal with stress and the real physical and detrimental effects this can have on the skin. Eve also believes that having a healthy attitude and approach to eating well isn’t about unnecessary restriction but where possible having an entirely inclusive and diverse repertoire with our food. Crucially working with the individual and helping them to address their concerns with a tailor made strategy and not a ‘one size fits all’. As part of her practise and as a registered IFM Functional Medicine practitioner Eve often runs additional tests to include hormone profiling, stool analysis and nutrient assessment for a more targeted and individualised approach.

Dr. Daniel Glass

Dr. Daniel Glass

Consultant Dermatologist

UK trained Consult­ant Dermatologist Dr. Daniel Glass is a General Medical Counc­il registered skin specialist, qualified in both adult and paediatric Dermatology. After graduating in 1999 from the Univ­ersity of Birmingham Medical School, he co­mpleted his postgra­duate medical traini­ng in London and has specialis­ed in Dermatology for more than 15 years. Dr Glass is a Consultant Dermatologist for Bart's Health NHS trust and an Honorary Consu­ltant Dermatologist at Mount Vernon Canc­er Centre. Previously Dr Glass was clinical lead, skin cancer lead and Consultant Dermato­logist at London Nor­th West Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dr Glass consults wi­th private patients across London regarding a wide range of skin con­ditions for both adults and children, including acne, eczema and rashes, as well as discussi­ng the diagnosis and management of skin cancer. He regular­ly carries out mole checks and skin surg­ery, including surgi­cal removal of benign lesions that may not be covered by ins­urance companies or facilitated by the NHS. He also offers treatment solutions for keloid scars and excessive sweating.

To book an appointment with Dr Glass, please contact his secretary on 020 3733 3227

Dr. Nigma Talib

Dr. Nigma Talib

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Nigma Talib, is a Naturopathic Doctor based in Los Angeles, California.She is also the founder of Healthydoc clinics previously located in West Vancouver and London,England.

She is an author of a best selling book “reverse the signs of ageing” and “ younger skin starts in the gut”. Her passion for creating quality and science based supplements and skin care has reached consumers internationally and started in Net a porter being one of the first pioneers to introduce vitamin supplements to the fashion industry.

Her work in the past supporting her profession and colleagues has been demonstrated through serving on the examination and quality assurance committees to the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia.

We are proud to have partnered with Dr. Nigma to offer two exclusive anti ageing treatments and to stock her market leading range of supplements and skincare products.

To book an appointment with Dr. Nigma Talib at her Los Angeles practice please get in touch with her here.

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