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Welcome to the Young LDN Lab

Our expert skincare lab has been specifically designed to ensure it doesn't feel clinical. It is a space you want to come to when dealing with issues with your skin. Each of our treatment rooms have unique and cool features and each member of our skincare tribe is a highly trained aesthetician who can provide expert advice and treatment for most concerns.

Under 23's receive 25% off all Lab treatments

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Young Signature Facials

Don't wait till you get a break out, let our tribe teach you how to clean and care for your skin properly. (Ages 12 - 19 only, we see you Felisha thinking you're still in your teens! Cheeky!! 😉) More info

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The Spectra Carbon Peel (or Hollywood Peel) is the perfect quick fix to leave you with a refreshed and revitalised complexion with no downtime. There’s a reason it’s called the Hollywood peel, because A-listers love it and it leaves your skin Premier ready. More info

Course price: £900.00
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A Breath of Fresh Air Oxygen RX Facial

Like we need to breath, your skin needs oxygen to remain healthy and nourished. This will leave your skin clear and luminous with a feeling of firmness! More info

Course price: £750.00
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Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving or waxing your unwanted hair?! Make a change! Young LDN uses one of the most powerful and most effective laser hair removal machines on the market to destroy your active hair follicles. Better yet, we can treat all skin types! More info

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3D Skin Tightening & Resurfacing

The INFINI device has been scientifically and clinically proven to increase collagen production, leading to a reduction in wrinkles and resurfacing of the skin through 3D volumisation. Our top dog for anti-ageing results! More info

Course price: £2240.00
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Spectra Revital

Otherwise known as the Laser Light Facial, this rejuvenates the skin giving you a fresher and younger appearance. It is also an awesome acne treatment. More info

Course price: £1000.00
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Foreskin Facial

Hollywood loves this treatment and the results speak for themselves! Growth factors are micro needled into the skin to boost collagen production and elastin development. The results from this will leave you with a much brighter and glowing complexion. It is also a great treatment for active acne. More info

Course price: £2160.00
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Medical Pedicure

Problems with your feet can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Many of us who play a lot of sport can experience infections on our feet. Our Young LDN medical pedicures are a bespoke treatment to get you back in your trainers comfortably. More info

Course price: £540.00
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Laser Toning

The gold standard treatment for Melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This treatment must be booked in a course of at least 5. More info

Course of 5
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We believe that the most effective anti-ageing skin journey is a multi modality approach that is highly tailored to the individual needs of each individual. Our bespoke anti-ageing treatments are grouped into moderate and advanced treatments, depending on the degree of change desired. More info

Course price: £1750.00
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Signature Peels

Incredibly effective treatment that can be used across the entire body to treat various conditions and concerns. The naturally occurring chemicals exfoliate your skin and boost your own collagen and elastin production, leaving you with a much fresher and brighter appearance. More info

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SOS Conceal my Spot

Our Young LDN emergency treatment for any occasion! More info

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Microneedling is an excellent treatment to stimulate your own tissue repair deep within the skin and stimulate collagen, it's also a great treatment for acne scar removal. The needles create microscopic channels to help deliver highly effective, bespoke ingredients into each layer of the skin. It's great for scarring, wrinkles, acne and large pores. More info

Course price: £1250.00
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Dr Nigma Microneedling

We are delighted to have partnered with world renowned Naturopathic Doctor Nigma Talib to offer two exclusive London based treatments. Microneedling causes a controlled wounding effect to the skin, stimulating the body’s own natural healing defence and recovery process, thus creating new collagen and elastin for a firmer plumper appearance. Along with the beneficial light from the LED HEALITE and DR NIGMA’s cutting edge skin care, this treatment is excellent for firming and lifting, age prevention as well as scar revision including acne scarring and stretch marks for the body. More info

Course price: £1500.00
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Dr. Nigma Oxygen & Laser Tightening

Dr. Nigma for Young LDN Non-Surgical Face Lift Combination Oxygen & Laser Tightening works by first infusing the benefit of the oxygen into the skin, where pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cellular turnover and leaves the complexion hydrated and revitalised. More info

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Bespoke Rosacea Treatment

Relax while you nourish, sooth and heal inflammation associated with rosacea. The skin will be renewed with a gentle exfoliation using specialised enzymes while natural cocoa simultaneously saturates the skin with antioxidants. Your skin will benefit from an infusion of the next generation calming peptides, stem cells and botanical extracts resulting in a healthy, even complexion. More info

Course price: £950.00
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Tattoo Removal

Remember the tattoo you got that day that you really wish you hadn’t?! Or a past lover’s name you’d really rather not have to look at! Well, have no more regrets and let us remove it for you. We have the most effective tattoo removal laser on the market. More info

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Gold Toning

An excellent laser treatment for Rosacea and post acne redness. More info

Course price: £1150.00
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Hair of The Dog

An amazing treatment for those who've had one too many the night before! Let us put the glow back in your skin. More info

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Complimentary Skin Consultation

All of our first time treatments have a consultation built into them. However, if you'd like to come in and discuss your skin our Tribe are on hand to assist. More info

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LED Lab Facial

Scientifically proven technology uses LED wavelengths in combination to activate your skins cells. A super relaxing treatment that can be enjoyed both in our Lounge and Lab. Help protect your skin against pollution and UV exposure, fight infection and boost collagen & hyaluronic acid. The end result? brighter, plumper and hydrated skin. More info



We offer waxing for both girls and guys More info


Ask us Anything?!

If you're anything like us... sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for. Or you may just have a concern you want to talk about. Go ahead and ask us anything and we'll holla straight back.

Veteran or first time?!

As all of our treatments are completely bespoke to each individual, it is important that when trying a new treatment our Tribe give you a thorough consultation. We have added a little extra time to all treatments for first timers for this consultation. Please book through the relevant link. Veterans... you know what you're doing!

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