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Male Grooming Lounge

The past few decades have seen the male grooming industry grow from zero to a multi-billion-pound global industry and there has never been a better time for modern men to get on the bandwagon.

To save all the guys out there a bit of time, we've put together a list below of our favourite men’s grooming treatments available in our Lounge. Are you man enough?

Specialist TreatmentPriceBooking

Classic Mani

File, cuticle tidy and paint for awesome results! 35 Mins

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Regular Pedicure

File, cuticle tidy and paint for awesome results. 45 Mins

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Rejuvenate LED Facial

Stimulate collagen, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A great treatment as an add on at the peel bar or as a stand-alone. Cleanse with yellow light & near-infrared laser treatments, finished off with a Gua Sha massage. 20 Mins

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Brow Shape

For when they're getting a little wild... 15 mins

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Eyebrow Tint

15 Mins

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Acne LED Facial

LED light therapy is an incredibly effective way to treat acne. Cleanse, calm, and reduce inflammation. Cleanse with Blue LED light energy, finished off with Gua Sha massage. 30 Mins

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Elbow Grease

The perfect cure for those dry elbows. Using a combination of skin care products and a little elbow grease we can have those guys feeling like a peach in no time. 20 Mins

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Ask us Anything?!

If you're anything like us... sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for. Or you may just have a concern you want to talk about. Go ahead and ask us anything and we'll holla straight back.

Veteran or first time?!

As all of our treatments are completely bespoke to each individual, it is important that when trying a new treatment our Tribe give you a thorough consultation. We have added a little extra time to all treatments for first timers for this consultation. Please book through the relevant link. Veterans... you know what you're doing!

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