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Spectrum Collections Siren Shell

Spectrum Collections

The 12 Piece Siren Set by Spectrum Collections gives you a brush for every use and occasion - with a dozen of the brand’s bestsellers thrown into one gorgeous package.

Each and every mermaid brush is hand-finished with a totally unique holographic effect on the metal ferrule, which means no two sets have exactly the same colours. The practical quality is consistent, but visually they’re totally one-of-a-kind!


5 large brushes:

A01 - Large Powder

B01 - Buffing Foundation

C02 - Flat Contour

C04 - Angled Powder

A05 - Precision Blush

and 7 smaller brushes:

B03 - Precision Buffer

A06 - Large Fluffy Shader

B04 - Angled Blender

B06 - Tall Tapered Blender

A17 - Angled Brow

A15 - Lip Liner

A12 - Fluffy Pencil


Use A17 for brows, this is the perfect brush for filling, shaping and defining. This brush can also be used with gel or cream products to line and define the upper and lower lash lines.

To create the perfectly blended eye look use our most popular eye blending brush B06 to blend out colour or build up shade in the contours of the eye. Use our large fluffy shader brush A06 for application of powder or cream shadows to the entire lid. The large fluffy head gives a really soft blended finish and is perfect for an every day eye look. Next pick up the A12 to effortlessly blend eyeshadow right into the crease along the upper and lower lash lines and the inner corners of the eye. Finish your perfectly blended eye look with our B04 use the soft angle of the brush to add shade to the outer corners and colour fades in the crease.

Use the B01 to apply cream foundation, the flat bristles make it easier to apply foundation and buff into skin evenly giving you the desired airbrushed finished. To apply concealer, use B03 our smaller buffing brush. The super soft but dense bristles buff beautifully removing any dark circles. The A01's super soft bristles of the Domed Powder Brush are ideal for applying a fine layer of translucent powder, or a dusting of bronzer.

Use the dense flat headed C02 to really buff and blend your contour with ease, specifically beneath the cheekbones, hairline and jaw. The angled bristles of the C04 are designed to apply colour and definition to the contours to the face. Use with bronzer or finishing powder. Finish your base with the angled A05, this beauty is perfect for a blush or bronze.

Lastly use the A15 to complete your look and pout it out with our favourite lip brush

The Siren Shell is designed to hold all 12 brushes comfortably for a beautiful vanity display, but it comes with a detachable chain if you do want to wear it as a mermazing handbag.

All brushes are made from the highest-quality synthetic hair.

Spectrum Collections Siren Shell
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