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Milu Bubble Foam Sheet Mask


Is your skin in need of some deep cleansing? If so the Milu Bubble Foam Sheet Mask is exactly what you need. Designed for extra pore care and oil control this bubbly bamboo sheet mask is great for detoxing the skin and leaving it glowing!

This mask is filled with epic ingredients including charcoal which helps to deeply cleanse your pores and helps to remove blackheads. The addition of grapefruit makes sure that your skin is gently exfoliated and Vitamin C from lemon ensures that your skin becomes even.

Bubble Foam Sheet Mask

Directions for use:

Cleanse your face and remove any makeup. Before opening the sachet use your fingertips to evenly distribute essence for 10 seconds. Open sachet, take out the black bamboo sheet mask and carefully unfold. Place the sheet mask on your face matching your eyes and mouth. Smooth out for a perfect fit. Ready to get that bubble going! Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove and dispose. Gently massage your face with the remaining bubbles for 1 minute. Next, wash your face with lukewarm water.


  • Charcoal powder: Detox. Deeply cleanses skin and purifies pores. Helps to remove dead skin cells and sebum from your skin.
  • Blackberry: rich in vitamin A & C, high in anti-oxidants and protects skin from free radicals.
  • Grapefruit: fights free radicals, exfoliates and leaves your skin glowing with an even tone.
  • Lemon: brightens skin and purifies pores. Antibacterial properties and rich in vitamin C.
  • Grapeseed: full of anti-oxidants to protect your skin from environmental damage. Has soothing properties.
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