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Déesse Professional LED Mask Next Generation



This treatment is loved in our studio and now you can have it at home too! There's a reason A-Listers from Katy Perry to Kate Hudson to Madonna adore these masks.

The Déesee Pro harnesses game changing technology in an LED mask featuring over 3x more LEDs than any other leading consumer grade LED mask with 770 medical-grade LEDs inside. It comes with 4 different wavelengths and 6 different settings to rapidly address your skins needs from the comfort of your chill zone.

Feeling your skin is a little dull and lacklustre, boost your skins elastin and collagen production with the anti ageing red light mode (630nm). The mask features an anti ageing express mode as well for a 10 minute, higher intensity treatment that kick starts the skins cells to revitalise and repair them.

The Brightening green light mode (520nm) is ideal for those worried about dark spots and wanting to reduce hyperpigmentation.

The purifying blue light mode (415nm) is a great antibacterial and calming and anti bacterial treatment for inflamed acnaic skin.

Lastly there's the post procedure mode which combines near infrared light at 830nm with blue light (415nm) and red light (630nm) which helps to accelerate healing and boost your circulation.



Cleanse your face thoroughly and then apply the protective eyewear included and the mask and leave on for 20 minutes.

The mask can be used any time of day but we would advise if you are using retinol to avoid using it close to when you apply your retinol.

Follow the treatment with your normal skincare routine.

Use once per week with a maximum use of 2 -3 times per week. When using Blue light, limit to one session per week.


MODE 1: 'Anti-Ageing' (red light at 630nm): boosts collagen in the skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

MODE 2: 'Purifying' (blue light at 415nm): anti inflammatory and great for acne and acnaic skin.

MODE 3: 'Brightening' (green light at 520nm): helps alleviate pigmentation.

MODE 4: 'Post Procedure' (near infrared light at 830nm with red light (630nm) and blue light (415nm)): accelerates healing and inhibits scarring

MODE 5: 'Calming' (blue light (415nm) and green light (520nm): targets inflammation and helps to soothe and calm the skin.

MODE 6: 'Anti-Ageing Express' (red light at 630nm): an intensified youth-boosting treatment (recommended treatment time is 10 minutes).

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