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2 piece Clay Sheet Mask


The Milu 2 Piece Clay Sheet Mask that gets really hard and tight on the skin leaving it feeling soft & smooth whilst purifying your pores. The mask combines two powerful different clays, both with deeply nourishing ingredients that leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and intensively soft & smooth.

Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay help to purify your pores and reduce redness whilst also being deeply cleansing. Who said you need to go to Turkey to get a mud bath!

Milu Sheet Masks contain only skin loving ingredients, are dermatologically tested and have no parabens, sulfates & mineral oils! A mask collection to get your cute face that extra boost and glow!

Milu 2 piece clay sheet mask

Details for use:

Before applying your mud sheet mask from Milu, cleanse your face and ensure it is towel dry. Open sachet and carefully take the two separate parts out. Remove the thin transparent layer. Place the upper mask on your face matching your eyes and nose. Next, remove the thick non-transparent white layer and smooth out for a perfect fit. Apply the lower mask in the same way. The two pieces can be slightly overlapped. Now sit back and relax whilst the mud does it's thing and your face starts to become very hard and tight. Leave on for 30-40 minutes and ensure the mask has fully dried before you peel it off. Gently peel off the sheet mask starting from your hairline and dispose. If needed rinse your glowing face with lukewarm water to remove any excess mud.


The key-ingredients in the Mud Sheet Mask from Milu are:

  • Rose Flower: reduces the damaging effects of pollution on the skin. Moisturizes and brightens the complexion.
  • Soy Bean: a natural anti-oxidant. Restores and soothes skin and improves uneven skin tone and signs of ageing.
  • Kaolin Clay: this natural white clay is best known for its absorbent properties, that minimize pores. It has a deep purifying and cleansing effect.
  • Bentonine Clay: this clay helps to remove impurities from your pores. Reduces skin inflammation and redness. Tones and tightens the skin and reduces blemishes.
  • Ceramides: restore moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier. They also help to protect the skin against harm from foreign elements. Ceramides keep your skin nourished and supple.
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