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Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Roller Set

Young LDN

The Young LDN Rose Quartz Set gives you two essential skincare tools for a superb cost-saving price.

  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller
  • 1 Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone
Jade Roller Gua Sha Stone Set

Facial Roller

Use the Facial Roller (double-ended) to massage your skin - whether your goal is to relieve general tension, reduce puffiness, encourage blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity or promote lymphatic drainage.

For added effectiveness, pop it in the fridge or in ice-water for a few minutes before use (but do not freeze, as this may cause cracking).

Gua Sha Stone

Achieve firmer skin and reduced wrinkle appearance through gua sha - the traditional Chinese practice of massaging the skin with large rose quartz stones to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote healing.

Our hand-carved stones give you the perfect tool for achieving a radiant glow. The shape of the Young LDN gua sha stones has been specifically designed to fit in to all facial contours in order to lift, tone and sculpt the face.


  • Boosts lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-ageing
  • Smoothes fine lines, wrinkles
  • Crystal healing

*each stone and roller is delicate and hand cut, we regret that we can't accept refunds on broken stones once opened. Pink shades may vary

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