A well-groomed male 10 years ago used a single bar of soap for the entire body and a 2-in-1 shampoo, but this is a hard no in 2022. The thought of this now sends shudders down our spine. Some men just look picture-perfect, but the truth is there’s a lot of behind the scenes action you don’t see. We bust it wide open and reveal the top tips behind every dapper dude.



Psych yourself up in the morning with a cold shower to kick ass and compliment your complexion. Starting your day like James Bond can actually lead to healthier hair and skin, it’s no wonder he’s extremely attractive, even if other men refuse to say it out loud. While a hot shower is the only thing that temps most of us out of bed on a cold morning (unless you’re a real secret agent), it can strip your skin of natural oils and dry out the sebum layer, the body’s first line of defence against acne, wrinkles and bacteria.

Cold showering is an art form as we also need hot water to open up the pores in our skin and the cuticles around our hair follicles to remove dirt. Start with hot water for the first few minutes then slowly switch to cold water to seal them up again. Channel your inner 007 and watch the health of your skin and hair improve, as well as help to prevent hair loss, score!



Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to mean fighting your other half for bathroom time. A man is only as good as his tools and less can be more when you have the right ones.

Cleanser – splashing water over your face in the shower just won’t cut it anymore, sorry guys. You’ll never regret the extra few seconds it takes to cleanse in the shower, but you might regret not cleansing at all. Working in the city comes with its perks, but the pollution collecting on your face isn’t one of them. Cleansing twice a day, morning and evening will banish bacteria so you can enjoy all of the perks guilt-free. Try iS Clinical Cleansing Complex for a really gentle but effective cleanser.

Moisturiser – our skin loses moisture every day, so the best moisturiser will maintain its moisture and prevent future loss. We recommend choosing a moisturiser high in hyaluronic acid, a small but mighty substance found in the body that can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water, impressive right? Work smarter not harder and tackle anti-ageing and SPF at the same time in a multitasking moisturiser. Two of our personal favs are Moisturize Face from Bad Norwegian or Hyal Ceutic by Dermaceutic. Both will leave your skin feeling super hydrated.

SPF – Of course never forget your SPF, even in winter. There is no quicker form of ageing than exposure to UVA & UVB rays with no sun protection. As both these rays get through clouds super easily, SPF is an every day essential. Try Circadia Light Day Sunscreen. It’s epic!

If you really want to super charge your skincare routine then you can try adding a serum in between your moisturiser and cleanser. A supercharged serum is a modern man’s best friend. Its silky texture is rich in nutrients and vitamins to give your skin an instant boost to suit every skincare concern. FYI it’s super satisfying. 


A fresh trim has the power to make more of an impact than a stylish suit. Missing your haircut appointment isn’t something you can keep to yourself when you wear the evidence on your head and can’t pull off a hat (we salute gentleman that can, it’s not easy).

Closely monitor your hair growth from your last appointment and make note of when need another one, creating a schedule will make sure you never miss one again. Monogamy is overrated when it comes to committing to a barber’s chair. Visit a few until you find one that doesn’t make it feel like a chore before you commit, the right barber will have you counting down the days until you need to see them again. If you find one you love that offers eyebrow shaping and beard trimming at the same time you’ve hit the jackpot, never let them go.

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