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4 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself In Self Isolation

14th Apr 2020

4 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself In Self Isolation

Since the government and health officials have advised everyone to socially distance themselves and self-isolate if you display possible COVID-19 symptoms, it’s natural to feel a little down or lonely. Here are our 4 tips on being extra kind to yourself, and making the most of your spare time to give yourself some much-needed self care…

Treat yourself to a regular face mask session

What better way to make use of the extra time on your hands, than giving your skincare routine some love. Face masks are a great way to achieve clearer skin, and more refined pores. Plus they’re an easy way to turn the average netflix binge into a full-on pamper evening.

Our tips? Always apply a face mask once you’ve had a thorough cleanse and exfoliation for the best results. Splash your face with hot water to open up your pores, and leave your facemask on for about 10-15 minutes or until it’s hardened.

It’s also important to choose a facemask that’s right for your skin type. For the Rolls Royce of anti ageing sheet masks go for the AQ Skin Solutions Repair Mask, formulated with patented growth factors there is no mask better for anti ageing!

If you’ve got dry skin, go for a more moisturising option like the Milu Moisturising Sheet Mask, perfect for ultimate skin hydration. But if your skin leans towards the oilier side, choose a deep cleansing mask like the Milu Bubble Foam Sheet Mask with extra pore care and oil control.

Go makeup free and give your skin a break

If you’re working from home, now’s the perfect time to give your skin a break and rock that bare-face beauty look. Although makeup can give you that extra confidence and set you up for the day, going without can be really beneficial to your skin and help give you a more supple glowing complexion.

Clogged pores are one of the main culprits for skin blemishes or spots, so giving them a chance to breathe can work wonders for your skin. So our advice during lockdown? Ditch the makeup brushes, and embrace that natural look.

Or try perfecting a new makeup look

If you don’t fancy ditching your makeup, you may as well embrace it. Since you’ll have more downtime than usual, now’s the time to try out that new look you’ve been curious about. Never been able to master a winged liner? Always wanted to see whether the ‘baking’ technique works for you? Or maybe you want to try a dramatic smokey eye? Put your makeup skills to the test, and have some fun with it!

Give your nails some love with a at-home mani pedi

Just because you can’t make your regular trip to the studio, doesn’t mean your nails have to suffer. Why not take an evening to chill out with your favourite podcast or movie and give yourself a DIY mani pedi. Here’s 8 simple steps to follow:

  1. Give your nails a quick wash before you start.
  2. Trim, file and shape to your desired look.
  3. Soak your nails in some warm water and exfoliate with a scrub
  4. Push back your cuticles
  5. Apply your base coat
  6. Apply your polish of choice
  7. Add a clear top coat
  8. Oil up once your nails are dry

It’s a strange time for everyone at the moment, so try and be extra kind to yourself. Although our salon doors may be closed, our tribe of beauty specialists are still here for you online. Get in touch with us.

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