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Why Every Man Should Groom His Eyebrows

Maxwell Thompson
31st Dec 2018

Why Every Man Should Groom His Eyebrows

The past few decades has seen the male grooming industry grow from zero to a multi-billion-pound global industry and there has never been a better time for modern men to incorporate eyebrow grooming into their beauty regime. Just ask the Wade Twins who are frequent visitors to our Young LDN Lounge for a little brow maintenance.

Eyebrows are the frame to your face and even the most handsome of men would fall down in our estimation if they had a pair of neglected eyebrows.

Say no to the monobrow, and yes to the strong brow with our tips below

- Did you know that the chances of a naturally-occuring monobrow increase with age? Make sure you invest in a good pair of tweezers. As a guide to the area to eliminate hair, try placing your finger between your brows and above the bridge of your nose. You don’t want to get rid of anything more than this.

- Pluck over, not under the brow. Don’t risk over preening by removing the hair underneath. Think George Clooney and Chris Pine.

- MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN! Keep a close eye on your eyebrows and how fast they grow and give them a preen when necessary. A regular regime of removing a few strands is much easier and means you will be a lot less likely to disrupt your natural eyebrow shape.

- Lastly and most importantly seek professional help! Not convinced that this is a DIY job? Get yourself booked into the Young LDN Lounge now and let one of our tribe help you create your perfect brow!

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