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Autumn skincare is here

Sadie Frost
8th Oct 2019

Autumn skincare is here

With Autumn well and truly upon us, our summer holidays already seem like a distant memory and as the memories fade, so do our glorious tans. The seasons are fast changing along with our complexions.

After the summer, it’s important to give our skin a helping hand by keeping it hydrated and making sure we drink lots of water and increase our vitamin C intake. I always try to keep my levels up by having a jug of lemon and water by my bed, as well as drinking pots of hot water and lemon in the day.

Once the warm sunny days are behind us, exfoliation is a key part of a post summer skin care routine, as well as using a heavy-duty moisturiser to protect our skin from the cold and windy weather it's important to keep the skin thoroughly hydrated. I use Poly Vitamin Serum from IS Clinical, it's 40% Hyaluronic acid and super hydrating. I also like making my own cream for at home exfoliation treatment, by mixing ½ cup of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Simply apply to clean skin and gently massage into your face and wash off with warm water for great results.

Keeping your skin looking plump and healthy is also achieved by increasing the circulation and the blood supply, so its key to massage your skin on a daily basis and it’s really effective for all ages. Here’s a little routine I do which is taken from my book Nourish. Using your thumbs and index fingers, pinch and pluck the skin all over your face. This increases the blood flow and circulation to the face. Then, put your thumbs on either side of the top of your nose where your eyebrows start. Using your index fingers and thumbs, pinch the fleshy part around the eyebrows and use circular movements all the way along to massage and release the muscle. You can increase the pressure a little bit each time. Another great option is to use a Gua Sha stone or Jade Roller which are great for lymphatic drainage too.

I also like to compliment my home care with a professional treatment. There are so many facials on the market, it can be confusing. However, if you just want something effective and simple to give you an all over glow and hydrating and conditioning of your skin, I would recommend the Oxygen Facial at Young LDN. It increases circulation and oxygenates the skin and brings the blood flow and vital nutrients to the surface. This and all the things I have mentioned above will make sure your skin looks and feels soft, hydrated and dewy - not like an old leaf blown off the autumnal trees!

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