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Chemical peels are on the up for men. Here's why

27th Nov 2019

Chemical peels are on the up for men. Here's why

Taking those first steps into the world of male beautification can be intense: going in solo has its own challenges, as does the fear of what other people might say. Young LDN has the perfect solution: chemical peels en masse

As a writer at GQ, I’ve become somewhat more acclimatised to the world of facials than many men: yet we’re now well into the 21st century, a time when beauty treatments for men are not just lauded but practically expected. I’ve been oiled up, sprayed and even electrocuted in the name of a slightly healthier face, but there are still a few things that always terrify me about going in for a treatment: the fact you’re going in alone, the fact it’s going to take a while and the fact there’s every chance it’s going to leave you with conspicuous signs you have just been beautified. Luckily, as facials become more common for men, so do more efficient and subtle ways of doing it: enter the peel bar, the quickest and easiest option for the quickest and easiest facial, which has just found a new home at Young LDN in Notting Hill.

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