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Christmas Party Season Prep

19th Nov 2019

Christmas Party Season Prep

T-minus 12 days until Christmas party season officially begins. We all know the effects late nights, alcohol and unhealthy food can have on our skin. Especially in winter when the cold weather already leaves you feeling dehydrated and lacklustre.

In addition to the search for the perfect dress, shoes and booking your pre-party hair appointment, you should consider your skin game. Prevention is always better than a cure and there are many things you can do in the weeks prior to ensure your skin glows on the night. There are also a few things you can do after to make sure you don’t get a skin(hang)over.

Our recommendations for

pre Christmas party facials

Here at Young LDN we have two treatments in particular that are just perfect for getting your skin dewy, glowing and red carpet ready...

Once you've finished busting some moves on the D Floor and had one too many glasses of Prosecco whilst flirting outrageously with Kenny the Copy Guy... most likely your skin will be feeling de-hydrated and in need of some much needed nourishment and lymphatic drainage. Do not fear, we have the perfect cure...

our recommendations for

post Christmas party facials

Lastly but most importantly.... however merry you get during the Christmas party season; remember to take your makeup off, cleanse and apply your night time products before getting into bed, you'll thank us in the morning!! 🎄🎅🎁

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