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De-clutter and de-stress- ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’

Sadie Frost
21st Nov 2019

De-clutter and de-stress- ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’

I am so excited to be part of a new platform called Power of Women TV, which celebrates women in every form. I will be hosting a show called ‘Prime’ which will be highlighting the fact that women today can now live some 20-25 years longer.

We will literally be able to fit another life into this one. So, “hey sister” we better start looking after ourselves in every way, which means self-care, looking after our finances and the ability to be 100% independent. It’s important to ensure our physical, mental and emotional health is in tip-top shape so we can last forever!

In the show I will be talking to women from all professions such as doctors, scientists, spiritualists and psychics who will share with us how they grow up and grow old. They will explain the plans they have put in place to do this and how they will make things work financially - so that they can live for at least another 25 years!

The programme concentrates on the different generations of women and how each differs with regards to self-care; including our skin, bones, hormones and mental health. It’s all about discussion and education and putting the right things in place. It’s so important to start our self-care when we are young, but then again you are never too old to start...

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So, from keeping hydrated, to keeping your vitamin levels up, doing regular exercise, meditation and positive thinking, these are the very basic everyday things we MUST do.

I like to remind myself to keep shedding things like baggage, negative thoughts and all the unnecessary stuff, so that I can de-clutter and de-stress. It keeps things smooth in my mind and keeps my skin, which is our largest organ, healthy.

This time of year I like to de-clutter my wardrobes by getting rid of all my summer clothes as well as getting rid of any dead skin with a peel and exfoliation treatment such as the Fire and Ice Treatment at Young LDN in Notting Hill. This resurfacing treatment helps to reduce fine lines, evens skin tone and encourages cellular renewal, as well as stimulating collagen production - leaving you with glowing skin. Best of all, it's safe for anyone, even pregnant women can enjoy!

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