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Mantras for a Better Wellbeing

Eve Kalinik
16th Apr 2019

Mantras for a Better Wellbeing

It can often be overwhelming to find a balance between busy work schedules, social activities, family time, eating right, exercising and everything else that we are supposed to do. But, where does wellbeing and self-care fit in? If you are struggling with this, you are not alone. I wanted to share with you a few simple mantras that have helped me and will hopefully help you too to find balance in your life.


This sounds basic, but a simple act of sitting down and eating your food and giving enough chewing action is something many of us don’t usually do. Does quickly grabbing a snack on the way to your next meeting, or eating in front of your desk at work sound familiar? Try to be more present with your plate and take time to chew thoroughly as this has so many positive effects on our digestion and can alleviate symptoms of bloating, gas and reflux. A good starting point to aim for is a minimum of 10 minutes to eat your food and around 30 chews per bite. This will improve your digestive and overall health. Basic but effective! 👌


We are constantly bombarded with the latest of wellness fads and trends, whether its foods, supplements, skincare or beauty products, but keeping a ‘less is more’ approach to most things will leave you feeling less overwhelmed. The simplest practises are usually the ones that are the most effective. Eat a diet that is balanced with plenty of plant-based foods. Move a little every day. Visit a skincare expert, such as the team here at Young LDN for a consultation and find out what products and treatments really work for you and scale down on everything else. When I want to treat myself, I detox my skin with the Breath of Fresh Air Facial as it boosts my blood flow and brings vital nutrients to the skin’s surface. It’s a perfect way to ‘start fresh’ after a busy period.


Identify and remove ‘energy vampires’ in people and situations that ultimately leave you feeling drained and simply learn to say no! This will give you more time to focus on those things and people that really matter to you. A tip is to sit down at the beginning of the month to see what and who you want to focus on and these will naturally float to the top of your ‘spiritual priority list’. In the end of the month, reflect on this to bring clarity and enable you to let go of things that no longer serve you.


Stress management is something we all need some help with, as stress can have a real knock-on effect to the health of your entire body. Find time to recover in your daily life to improve your wellbeing. Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk to clear your mind and increase daily movement. Start or end your day with a few simple breathing exercises to bring calm back to your body. If a stressful situation occurs, take time to sit and breath slowly before reacting, as this can have a powerful effect on your body. Creating a set time for recovery in your day is much more consistent than jetting off for two weeks once a year to then fling ourselves back into the rigmarole of day to day stressors when we return.

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