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Sadie Frost in India: A Little Work, a Little Play & a Lot of Me Time

Sadie Frost
23rd Mar 2019

Sadie Frost in India: A Little Work, a Little Play & a Lot of Me Time

I just got back from India. My trip comprised of a little work and a little play and a lot of time for me to lap up all areas of the Indian Culture. The people, the philosophy, the food; they all do it for me!

When I’m there, I always try to get myself in tip top shape and work on all things mind, body and soul, basically those things that one doesn’t always have time for when leading a busy big city life. My trip to India gave me that well needed break and meant I could do lots of yoga and meditation. I also had the opportunity to visit an Ayurvedic doctor who practices holistic techniques to help maintain healthy lives and the connection between body, mind and spirit and who advised me on what I needed to do to achieve this.

During your visit, the doctor will firstly work out if you are one of 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Vata is characterised by the mobile nature of Wind (Air) energy, whilst Pitta embodies the transformative nature of Fire energy, and Kapha reflects the binding nature of Water energy. Once the doctor has worked out your dosha, it helps you to understand the specific needs that derive from it, such as your diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle. This gives you the perfect tools and knowledge to work from the inside and out and help you feel better, get rid of any ailments, lose any excess weight and improve your circulation and condition of your skin.

When I was in the Himalayas I spent time sitting in talks of Vedanta. "Veda" means complete knowledge and "anta" means end. Simply put, Vedanta means the culmination of Vedic wisdom or the final step on our spiritual journey.

During my trip I also practiced yoga nidra, which is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, similar to the feeling you have when you are just about to fall asleep. By following instructions from the teacher, you can become increasingly more aware of the inner world, which gives me hope of achieving my ultimate goal of feeling ‘Zen’.

My stay in India made my skin glow, my heart open, my body detoxify, my practice of yoga improve and helped me clear my mind and make me feel better from the inside and out. Back at home, I immediately visited the Lab at Young LDN for my favourite Breath of Fresh Air Oxygen Facial, a must have to maintain my hydrated vacation glow for a little longer. This one- hour treatment oxygenates the skin, brings blood flow and vital nutrients to the surface, leaving your skin looking firm and glowing. What else could make you feel and look better?

All picture credits: Ananda in the Himalayas

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