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Sadie Frost: Beauty on the Orient Express... My Tips for Travel 2019

Sadie Frost
3rd May 2019

Sadie Frost: Beauty on the Orient Express... My Tips for Travel 2019

I am so lucky that last month I had the opportunity to travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express from Venice to London. It was a mini PR trip with a lovely combination of people from fashion and film, as well as magazine editors and influencers.

It was so glamorous on the train, with rooms filled with beautiful furniture and lush interiors, all art deco and 1920’s. Nonetheless, despite this luxury, it’s a bit like camping, because your cabins are quite petite. The suites are beautiful, with little bunk beds for sleeping and a sink tucked inside a teak wood cabinet.

Venice-Simplon Orient Express Cabin
Orient Express

I went on this trip with my sister Jade and it was lovely to spend some good quality time with her. We both when knew packing that organising ourselves would be vital, as once you are on the train you can’t get off!! So there would be no shopping for forgotten items. Plus, you are only allowed to take a small suitcase, so it was important to make sure we had packed perfectly and brought all our essential beauty products and toiletries with us.

I packed some moisturiser and cleanser from my favourite brand Circadia which was recommended to me by my aesthetician Sara at Young LDN, as well as some great face masks from Milu which I love using as they really hydrate my skin.

On short breaks of any kind it’s important to arrive feeling well rested so you can appreciate and enjoy the experience. I like to indulge in the food that’s on offer, but you also have to balance it with eating healthily, so I brought some healthy snacks, like seeds, nuts and protein bars with me.

Both Jade and I are vegetarian and the food was delicious. One of our favourite meals was the mashed potato with black truffle caviar, artichokes and delicious Italian tomatoes.

Even though I was on a break, I still took some time to do some stretches and yoga exercises, which consisted of downward dog, cat and cow, child pose and spinal twists. Also walking up and down the long train people watching kept us occupied….

Lastly I made sure that I kept hydrated when I was on the trip and always had a small bottle of water with me.

It is so important to enjoy yourself and have fun, which we did by singing songs around the piano in the bar. I even joined in with a wonderful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

The whole experience was intoxicating; the socialising, the food and the beautiful views out of the window. When I went to bed I could hear the wonderful sounds the train made as it whizzed along the track. I felt happy and content as I drifted into peaceful slumber.

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