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Sadie Frost: The Benefits of Starting Young with Skincare

Sadie Frost
6th Feb 2019

Sadie Frost: The Benefits of Starting Young with Skincare

When I was about 12, I remember my mum having a bottle of the iconic yellow Clinique moisturiser on her dressing table; it was her pride and joy and, in those days, a fancy product was not that common. I remember sneaking into her room and stealing a little bit each morning. I knew, just like my mother, how important it was to moisturise and protect my skin from a very young age.

Taking good care of my skin has always come very naturally to me, especially because of my theatre background, which taught me all about make-up and the importance of cleansing. Now, as a mother of four, I have tried to teach my children all about the importance and value of looking after their skin, from an early age.

Here's What I Did

I treated my sons and daughter exactly the same way when it came to skincare advice. I encouraged them to drink lots of water and eat plenty of plant-based food. I taught them about the importance of sleep and to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their daily routine, which can all contribute to a healthy and glowing complexion, which works from the inside out.

I also stressed the importance of skincare and how to cleanse and exfoliate properly with natural brands. We made it fun by making our own face masks with oats and honey, or body scrubs with brown sugar or salt and honey.

We would use hot flannels to steam our skin and then moisturise again with natural products. When a problem did occur, such as breakouts, acne or blackheads, we would then look at the problem area more closely. If I couldn’t help, I struggled to find somewhere to go that would really tackle the problem.

When one of my children experienced acne, I realised how distressing this could be for a young person as there are so many conflicting theories and ways to treat it. We really didn’t know which way to turn, so when I heard about Young LDN and its unique offering, I thought what a great idea it was!

Young LDN is the perfect destination for young people to go for advice, it’s not threatening, or scary like a doctor’s office. Here my kids can enjoy a quick skin peel to brighten their complexion, or see a trained therapist who can help with more serious skin issues.

I’m so happy that we now have Young LDN to add to our skincare routine.

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