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Skincare Essentials for Skiing Trips

Maxwell Thompson
15th Jan 2019

Skincare Essentials for Skiing Trips

Powder season is upon us, Europe has finally seen a huge dump of snow over the last few days and across the pond they are shredding the most pow they've had in quite a number of years. Time to brush off your ski pants, boots and jacket and get ready to hit the slopes. If you are anything like us, the annual ski trip (or two) is the highlight of the year. However, the cold air, snow and overall dampness can really take its toll on your skin.

We've rounded up some of our best products to keep you hydrated and make sure you feel as good as you look on the slopes this year.


The number one thing in every day skincare is sun protection and this is even more important when up in the mountains.

We recommend using Heliocare 360˚ Fluid Cream. It has SPF 50+ built in which will give you that essential daily protection against free radical damage caused by daily exposure to daylight and pollution. Leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


A good cleanser is a must have holiday essential to make sure you remove all the pollutants from your skin after a long day on the mountains. We love the Amandola Milk Cleanser from Circadia. It's great to help maintain moisture and naturally brighten the skin.

Retain Moisture

You can never have too much moisture in your skin whilst skiing. This new lightweight serum by Circadia is the number one product to provide additional hydration as needed while you are adjusting to the climatic conditions. Our retail size is only 15ml, so you can take it on the plane and apply there as needed too.

Eye Mask

Ski holidays can be pretty tiring events and sometimes our eyes need a little help waking up in the morning. This treatment mask by Petite Amir Skincare visibly brightens and refines the eye area. The perfect boast to help you look wide awake for first lifts. They also have a Miint Repairing Treatment Mask to moisturise and smoothen the lip for a younger and more kissable look.

for those

who like to Après

Survival Kit

If you enjoy Après a little too much, make sure you pick up one of our Survival Kits. The one-stop-shop for skin boosting and brightening. This beauty package includes a Cryo-Ball, which helps to brighten dull complexions, a daily hydration product from Glo skin beauty, an emergency eye lift gel from Circadia and a soothing peptide aqua gel mask. All guaranteed to bring you back to life the next day.

Ask us Anything?!

If you're anything like us... sometimes it can be hard to find what you're looking for. Or you may just have a concern you want to talk about. Go ahead and ask us anything and we'll holla straight back.

Veteran or first time?!

As all of our treatments are completely bespoke to each individual, it is important that when trying a new treatment our Tribe give you a thorough consultation. We have added a little extra time to all treatments for first timers for this consultation. Please book through the relevant link. Veterans... you know what you're doing!

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