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Summer Relaxation

Sadie Frost
27th Aug 2019

Summer Relaxation

September can always be such an exciting month, following a well-earned break from work and hopefully having had the opportunity to relax and go somewhere nice.

I often find it hard to switch off and try to do nothing.. but this summer holiday, I really felt I did and I enjoyed every moment with close friends and my teenage children.

Perhaps my mind is a lot calmer now, as a result of the regular meditation I have been doing over the past couple of years.

This summer holiday I really thought about body image and how much, more than ever we all feel so pressurised to look a certain way. I noticed on my vacation how many people had surgery and work done on both their bodies and faces, with many of them having had their figures completely altered- and some looking almost cartoon like in the flesh. And plain ridiculous!

There are two schools of thought right now - one being the very unnatural doll-like look, with huge eyelashes and ducky lips, whilst the other is completely natural and being happy and comfortable in your own skin, happy to reveal your natural self, (stretch-marks and all!)

I don’t want to compare myself with anyone as I feel it is very unhealthy, but my goal is to be fit, healthy and polished, but not plastic - just glowing for the inside out with happiness – I am able to achieve this with the help of regular meditation, exercise and healthy eating, as well as non-invasive, anti-ageing treatments at my favourite go to skincare destination Young LDN, who have a great range of treatments on offer for the older skin.

It was funny though, as I am sure this first school of thought, which is favoured by many women is definitely due to the influence that individuals like the Kardashians have, who I actually got to see first-hand when I was on holiday recently. The entire family were sitting at the table next to me in full force- and seeing them there I thought they all seemed quite cute. I must admit I was a little starstruck myself!

I suppose the message here is to be happy and comfortable in your own skin and proud of who you are and to be a positive role model for your family.

photo credits: Debbie Clark, Sadie Frost, Cobra Team/BACKGRID

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