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Update your skincare regime for Autumn

16th Oct 2019

Update your skincare regime for Autumn

Sadly, summer is now a distant memory and we have officially hit the in between season where a denim jacket just won't cut it, but it is not quite time to dig out your winter coat. Central heating and the harsh, colder weather can be really damaging for your skin. So, just as you need to update your wardrobe for Autumn, you also need to transition your skincare regime; here are our recommendations.

Autumn is Peel Season, it helps to switch up your cleanser too...

Clogged pores are common after the summer months due to the use of thick sunscreen and bronzers. We advise having at least one peel per month in Autumn to give the skin a thorough, deep clean. It is also a good idea to invest in an exfoliator which you can use once a week to keep the skin fresh in-between treatments.

Switch to a milk or cream cleanser that doesn't foam up. These are gentler on the skin so stop it getting stripped of its natural oils. we love the Amandola Milk Cleanser from Circadia, it's super nourishing and cleans the skin really well. It is also a good idea to reduce your toner use to every three days as using it daily can be harsh on dry skin.

Increase your serums

Drier skins can benefit from using more serums and balms in Autumn. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in our skin to maintain hydration levels, is the ideal ingredient to look for. It attracts moisture from the atmosphere and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. You will have dewy, glowing skin in no time. Two of our favourites are Daily Hydration by Glo and Hydra Cool Serum from iS Clinical both are powerful hyaluronic acids that will really help lock in moisture in the skin.

Take Your Moisturiser up a notch!

Most importantly, take your moisturiser up a notch and switch to a thicker cream for the day and night. If you have naturally oily skin, go from a light to a medium moisturiser to prevent excess oil build up. Your eyes will need some TLC too. Moisturising eye masks and a good eye cream are ideal for this.

Finally, don’t forget the SPF. We can't preach this enough but harmful rays are still present when the sun isn't. Make sure you wear at least an SPF of 30 during the Autumn months.


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