Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition characterised by rough bumpy skin that is often found on the back of the upper arms and thighs. Many people suffer from this benign skin disorder at some point in their lives, but as it is neither curable or preventable. However, it is treatable.


Keratosis Pilaris is caused by the overproduction and build-up of keratin. This clogs tiny hair follicles, resulting in a rough and bumpy skin surface on the arm or thigh. Often referred to as chicken skin, this can also be caused by allergies to things such as gluten, as well as a lack of essential fatty acids in your diet. People with keratosis pilaris tend to have dry skin, suffer from atopic dermatitis or from other rare dermatologic syndromes.

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Keratosis Pilaris treatment is super easy, but maintenance is key for long term results! Treatments include chemical peels and dermaplanning to remove dead skin cells, laser based treatments and daily exfoliation following your bath or shower.

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Chemical Peels are an incredibly effective treatment that can be used across the entire body to treat various conditions and concerns. The naturally occurring chemicals exfoliate your skin and boost your own collagen and elastin production.