Non-Surgical Enhancements


We are delighted to be joined by the extremely talented Dr Sangita Singh and Dr Emily Strong, who will be offering non-surgical enhancements from our Young LDN Lab, London. Dr Singh & Dr Strong will be offering a selection of injectable treatments from anti-wrinkle injections to natural-looking filler and permanent makeup.



With 14 years’ of experience in the aesthetics industry, Dr Emily Strong is a firm believer in enhancing a patient’s own natural beauty and addressing their concerns by creating bespoke treatment plans. She is a self-confessed perfectionist with a philosophy of ‘less is more’ meaning that she prides herself on delivering precision enhancements and subtle tweaks. 

DR Sangita Singh

 Over the past 10 years Dr Sangita Singh has been specialising in Aesthetic Medicine. She was one of the first doctors to complete the PGDip in Aesthetic Medicine from Barts and The Royal London Hospital. She is passionate about non-surgical facial and skin rejuvenation and uses a variety of modalities, including botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. This allows her to achieve natural-looking results that leave patients her looking (and more importantly) feeling better. 


Permanent makeup is a procedure whereby pigment is precisely placed beneath the uppermost layers of the skin using a tiny needle. The addition of colour using this technique allows for the enhancement of facial features in a similar manner to conventional make-up. 

Varying methods can be employed to create different effects in the skin from soft shading, etched lines or delicate hair strokes depending on the desired result. Once the skin heals, the pigment will not rub or wash off but will gradually fade over time.

The most common features people choose to enhance through permanent make-up are the brows, lips and eyes.

Permanent make-up is suitable for almost anyone who wishes to look their best around the clock. Nonetheless, some of the most common concerns clients come into us wishing to address include creating enhancements for those who:

  • Struggle with the application of traditional make-up
  • May be good at applying makeup but simply do not have the time to spend on daily make-up routines and getting their eyebrows “just right” every morning
  • Find it tricky keeping their make-up looking flawless throughout the day (think swimming pools, hot yoga, walking the dog in the rain or sweaty tubes during the heat of the summer)
  • Have allergies to traditional cosmetics

How long the colour remains in the skin will depend on several factors including the technique used, colours selected, skin type and other lifestyle factors. Most clients find the pigments will remain visible for between 1-3 years however we normally recommend returning every 12-18 months to refresh your enhancement and keep the pigment colour looking crisp and vibrant.

Yes, we normally advise you to book a consultation ahead of the day of your treatment so the area can be assessed and we can discuss what you would like to achieve from your treatment. This will also allow us to check there are no contraindications to you going ahead with treatment such as any relevant medical conditions. We can then discuss the different treatment options in terms of techniques and will decide together which option is best for you. You will also be provided with a sensitivity test at this time. 

We know going ahead with any aesthetic treatment may seem daunting so we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Depending on the area being treated you can expect your appointment to take between 1.5-3 hours.

Yes of course. An essential part of the process is the pre-draw. This is where the shape is mapped out using a traditional cosmetic pencil before we start implanting the pigment. This will allow you to see the design and ensure that you are happy before we begin. The best and most flattering shape will be finalised taking into account your own preferences and facial features. Once the shape has been agreed this will then be used as a template during pigment implantation.

Everyone is different regarding how sensitive they are to discomfort, however, most people find the procedure no more uncomfortable than having their eyebrows threaded. We aim to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout via the use of topical numbing creams.

Immediately after your treatment, you should expect your enhancement to appear much stronger, darker and more defined than the final healed outcome. When treating the eyes and lips you may also experience some mild swelling. This tends to settle within 24-48 hours. As the area heals the skin will feel a little dry and tight and you will start to notice light flakes of the colour exfoliating from the skin. At this point, it is essential that these flakes are not rubbed or picked but are left to naturally shed in their own time. This can take anywhere between 5-14 days to resolve depending on the area treated. Once fully healed you can expect the colour of your enhancement to be up to 30% lighter. The result will also look considerably softer.

Both permanent make-up and micro-blading achieve an end result of implanting colour beneath the top layers of the skin. The main difference however is in the implantation technique. Whilst permanent make-up creates results through the use of a needle cartridge held within a digital machine, a microblade is a hand tool consisting of a series of pins which are pulled through the skin depositing pigment as they move.

Both implantation techniques allow you to create fine hair strokes to enhance the brows, however, permanent make-up machines also allow the flexibility to offer soft-shaded enhancements. This may be more suitable for certain skin types (not all skin types will hold hair strokes) and when treating the delicate lip and eye areas. 

The results from permanent make-up also tend to have greater longevity in the skin compared with those created through microblading meaning your enhancement will remain to look fresh for longer.