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Bespoke acne treatment

There are multiple causes and types of acne. Subsequently there is no universal approach and each and every one of us needs our own bespoke treatment programme. We firmly believe that the best way to treat acne is through proven combination therapy.
Course price: £900.00
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Condition: Acne

Improvement? This all depends on how bad your acne is and what the underlying cause is. Some people will see dramatic improvement and near totally clear skin whilst others will see a reduction in the amount of spots, redness, swelling and have their acne under control. One thing is for certain, we’ll have you feeling more confident to take on the world!

Treatment time: 1 hour

Downtime: This varies depending on the treatment type, strength and depth. It can range from zero downtime to a period of peeling and dryness. Our expert tribe will advise you of any downtime before your treatment

Homecare: Essential. Our expert tribe will be with you every step of the way.

The acne conditions page highlights the multiple causes and types of acne. There is no universal approach and each and every one of us needs our own bespoke treatment programme. We firmly believe that the best way to treat acne is through combination therapy. As such our Young LDN acne treatment consists of any of the following depending on what is best suited for your skin on that particular day:

  • Deep cleansing
  • Extractions
  • LED light therapy
  • Enzymes
  • Dermaplaning
  • Acne Laser Treatments
  • Peels / Chemical Exfoliation
  • Specialist treatment Masks
  • Micro-needling
  • Oxygen Treatments
  • Spot Correction and Conceal

Recommended Course of Treatments: A minimum of 6

We Highly Recommend a course of treatments

In order to effectively treat your acne, we must change the current state of your skin, working to rebalance it. Because most acne will not respond to just one treatment, we would advise you to purchase a course of treatments. Each treatment will vary depending on the needs of your skin on that particular day. On your first visit to the Lab one of our tribe members will give you a consultation and subsequently advise you on a course of treatments. If you feel you would like an in-depth consultation prior to your first treatment we offer these at £50 for 30 minutes, which is fully redeemable against your first treatment.

Course price: £900.00
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Course price: £900.00
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Veteran or first time?!

As all of our treatments are completely bespoke to each individual, it is important that when trying a new treatment our Tribe give you a thorough consultation. We have added a little extra time to all treatments for first timers for this consultation. Please book through the relevant link. Veterans... you know what you're doing!

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